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CH23 t1_j67y0yk wrote

Removing part of the baffle can change the way it'll sound for sure


Valphonics t1_j68lz06 wrote

Yes. This will change the sound. Drastically? Maybe, maybe not, best way to find out is to listen yourself.

The part you removed is called the baffle, a crucial part to tuning a headphone. Consumer headphones typically dont bother and leave it flat with plastic but more studio grade and audiophile headphones use this tuning material around it. Not all do it, but most will, and its quite an important piece. Not really reversible at all, so youre going to have to take this as a learning experience.

Don't worry, you didn't know, but im hoping this post is not only of help to you, but to others.


toadstreet t1_j68q06p wrote

This is how fostex X00 and a few other commonly modded headphone removable cable mods are done. The fabric is acoustically transparent and the only tuning the plastic surround around the driver does is dictate how much airflow the front side of the driver gets. As long as its plenty porous then it wont audibly impact sound.


Valphonics t1_j6dja20 wrote

Oh yeah, not every headphone will be impacted which is great! I have done a few mods like this which has however, but not every headphone will be impacted if any or at all by a change like so.


yambolo OP t1_j67waph wrote

I did this about a month ago and went with a Mini XLR plug. The hole for the plug was probably made a bit too far on the inside (towards the head). I had to remove parts of the outer plastic ring and fabric, that’s around the driver, otherwise it wouldn't fit anymore. The inner plastic ring closer to the driver is still fully intact, same with the rest of the fabric.

Is that plastic just to hold the driver in place and make it look nice or would removing parts of it change anything about the sound?

I chose the 990s, since they aren't my main headphones anymore and since I could buy replacement parts, if I screwed up.

I did some basic testing immediately after and used them normally during the last few days and don't notice anything weird, but I know my ears aren't the best.


redDEADresolve t1_j68culv wrote

Then dont worry about it. I've done a couple of wireless mods, my only advice is that your plug selection was way too big.


yambolo OP t1_j6ctf74 wrote

That's my current way of thinking. If I don't hear anything weird, I'm not gonna worry about it.

The guides I looked at prior to the mod made it look pretty easy (it's not difficult, just a few things to pay attention to).

Depending on the price I might still buy some replacement parts from Beyerdynamic and either go back to a fixed cable (but straight this time instead of coiled) or try again with a smaller plug.


IdleHands_kc t1_j6937ka wrote

If you don't hear a difference then don't worry about it.


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Juicy_Oranges t1_j688ozy wrote

Okay now this makes me sad.

The Dt990 Pro was the first headphone that got me into the hobby and I still think that this is one of the best value headphones that I ever owned...and I have a lot of them.