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SupOrSalad OP t1_j62lsgy wrote

Truthear hola finally arrived. The box was crushed. Taking it out, the pouch containing the iems was pressed so hard into the tips that it left indents on the pouch. Luckily the IEMs themselves seem fine, but it's annoying. Oh well, now just to listen to them. Hoping for good things.


SupOrSalad OP t1_j62mp71 wrote

Got good things


herzonia t1_j63gpzx wrote

I find them to be an awesome all rounder with no real flaws. Bass is nice and slammy. However... they do lack some sparkle in their treble, leaves me with a slight meh feeling.


cr0wnest t1_j64p8fv wrote

I tried mine with CP155 spinfits and i find it opens up the upper mids and treble a bit more. Its noticeably airy now, and vocals dont sound so recessed. Short and stubby nozzles like the ones on the hola tend to be finnicky for some. Try rolling different tips and see how it goes. I already tried CP100, JVC sprial dots, TRN T tips, and CP155 sounds best to me


herzonia t1_j661c37 wrote

Yeah I've rolled a couple tips, end of the day though a single EQ filter is all that's really needed to give them some sparkle. Namely: 9000hz +5db 1.5q


cr0wnest t1_j66di8d wrote

Ah that works too. Apart from the treble roll off I think this is a really great set. Although I'd say the Tangzu Wan'er is still better out of the box, and it fits me better too. But overall both are 90% similar.


dixiechicken69 t1_j637540 wrote

Your package was most likely shipped in a postal bag, with a 70lb weight limit, that contained about 20 other packages. It then went through a sort process using hydraulic arms to “push” them off a moving belt. Small packages are usually damaged during this process of the parcel sort, or 30 or 40 postal bags get piled in on top during the process. It all comes down to percentages. It’s amazing more packages are not damaged.


Noob4Head t1_j62yioq wrote

Yeah I hate it when potal services do this. Some people also are like "well it's just to box, why is this a big deal" to me it is. Like I've got the Moondrop Aria snow editions and it comes in a beautiful box I honestly would have been pretty upset if the box had been crushed. Idk this might just be me.


herzonia t1_j63el0f wrote

Meanwhile mine got delivered to my neighbours by accident, who proceeded to tear it open in the most rat like manner possible:

I had to show them the proof of delivery image of their door to get them to 'remember' having gotten it as well. I do appreciate they kept the weeb info card in there though..


Supahvaporeon t1_j65fp7x wrote

Yeah report their asses to your postmaster. In the US it's illegal to open another's mail, and even more illegal to damage it in any way on top of it.


herzonia t1_j660tsw wrote

I would normally, but unfortunately these are drug addicts likely to go to any lengths if confronted. If this were a more expensive item I'd put more effort in, but as it stands hopefully they get the point that things like delivery proof pictures exist.


Someguy14201 t1_j6abnun wrote

Eesh. I know some people like those, minimize contact with them to preserve your mental health and sanity.


RB181 t1_j62nbm5 wrote

You don't want to know my experiences with the local postal service...


KilgoretheTrout55 t1_j62nz4u wrote

Was it the local postal service or FedEx or something?

I find usually products like this go through a private mailer. I actually find the post office to be reasonably efficient. At least with domestic mail something like 93% of letters arrived within four business days.

Not bad for a stamp that cost like 70 cents or something.


nopunterino t1_j63pxma wrote

Yeah they are a pretty good band...


Upstairs-Ad6975 t1_j657zdf wrote

I just got mine today I'm pleased with the overall package, the cable is decent for a $19 iem and the little pouch is ok as well. They sounded surprisingly good, after hearing a few reviews I was worried they would sound bad but honestly I prefer these over the 7hz Zero.


SupOrSalad OP t1_j6586bb wrote

Same. The 7hz zero has a little too much upper mids-low treble for me which makes them a bit fatiguing


Upstairs-Ad6975 t1_j658jda wrote

I didn't find it fatiguing but I didn't find it was well balanced with the bass I feel the bass is slightly lacking.


IAmAgainst t1_j63zagy wrote

A reckless delivery service is such a given that now the burden is on the seller to package items in a way that compensates for that. I recently bought a tv forniture and found two pieces broken, I was extremely disappointed until I realized those weren't part of the forniture but scrape wood sheets that the seller had placed on the outer borders in anticipation for careless handling. I'm giving them an extra star for that.


Flbudskis t1_j67e5se wrote

Dont blame the postal service for the company being cheap on shipping supplies.


Gitaarwerk t1_j65uwa8 wrote

grind finer;

aside; its the sender’s fault. Why would you wrap it not safe?


Twistedblud t1_j65ytj5 wrote

the fact it says hola on the cover like hello im damaged. I can relate.