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No-Lime-7632 t1_j671em6 wrote

address the problem at its roots. time for a new son.

(this is a joke. just go buy a cable that looks nice to you and it would work just as well as the original)


blucsigma05 t1_j6anuvt wrote

It's a joke, but also the best reccomendation 😆


D00M98 t1_j67dnh8 wrote

Get a cat. The cat will teach your son how to do it right. One try, one bite, the cable should be permanently damaged.


fabzzzyyyy t1_j67rxhj wrote

I have a big Ass Maine coon and was gone for the day came Back and that fucker are a Bit of my Sennheiser cable. New cable was at that time 50 Euro.


IAmAgainst t1_j68cfp9 wrote

He's an audio consumer.


ZandoonAltazar OP t1_j66thk4 wrote

So my son (4) has been absentmindedly chewing on the cable for my HD560s and this is a new discovery, I only noticed when my Schiit Fulla wouldn't get recognized by my PC for some reason so there's a lot going on. So I guess now I'm just wondering if I should stick with a direct replacement or maybe a 3rd party cable? Thanks for any help.


Toronto-Will t1_j67uidv wrote

My adoptive son (cat) has similarly chewed half a dozen cables. I had to replace a 569 cable just a few weeks ago. I suggest trying something nylon braided, he seems to leave that kind of cable alone. Soft chewy rubber is more appealing. New Fantasia is the cable brand that I’ve found to be pretty satisfactory shopping on Amazon, decent prices and solid build quality. It won’t matter for how the headphones sound.


[deleted] t1_j6alqn5 wrote

569 is shit anyway 🤣


Toronto-Will t1_j6apdbw wrote

I like over ear headphones for cooler weather to keep my ears warm, and they do that job while being comfortable and decently portable. The Oratory EQ curve is wild, it looks like the waveform of a song, but it does the job to make them decent (plugged into Qudelix).

The options actually aren’t that extensive for closed back over-ears, suitable for outdoor use. That’s a space dominated by the consumer brands like Beats, Bose, and their headphones sound even worse and in addition are overpriced. Something like the Focal Bathys is tempting, but it’s just way more than I need, for what ends up being podcasts, most of the time.


AlternativeParfait13 t1_j690p2d wrote

I’ve just bought an Openheart cable from AliExpress. Quite impressed with the build quality, and it works just fine.


guangtian t1_j67p6wx wrote

Bite your son


sverek t1_j6bqezq wrote

“An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.”


JLopezr501 t1_j67q726 wrote

Thankfully cables are cheap and easy to replace you'll be fine your son did nothing wrong in his head.


csch1992 t1_j681f8i wrote

put it back in where it came from :D


LauriCular t1_j67v0te wrote

Get him some licorice laces - the appalling taste will stop him wanting to chew anything similar (licorice is the devil's sweetmeat)