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Qazax1337 t1_j5h0kku wrote

The Sundara was my into into planar magnetic headphones too, and from that point on I was hooked. They are still the headphone to get in that budget. I remember being amazed at the clarity, and for me at least they were a definite step up from the HD600, which I know some people will take as sacrilege but they HD600 just lacked the low end I needed.


TheMisterTango t1_j5hspal wrote

I don't know how different the 600 is from the 58X, but I have to say I much prefer my sundara to my 58X. Really haven't used the 58X since I got the sundara.


Gr0umpf t1_j5km5u8 wrote

I totally agree! For my taste (emphasis on that), the HD600/HD6XX can't compete with the Sundara.


DanforthJesus OP t1_j5gp8ll wrote

The clarity and detail of the Sundara are really so far ahead of anything I've experienced before. The speed and .... quality(?) of the bass is really impressive. I find the K7 (to my ears) to be peak-clinical/clean chi-fi flatness. I'm guessing maybe that's the THX element. I don't know, I'm still learning and training my ears. I know this is the best sound combination I've ever owned. In this picture, I have the pre-out going to an SMSL A18 aux-in, leading to my Q acoustics speakers.

Just thought I'd share!


AggravatedAutist t1_j5i6ic3 wrote

I'd read about speed in headphones and never had any idea what it meant until I heard Sundaras and now I think I prefer planars to dynamics. The K7 looks good too!


StrnglyCoincdtl t1_j5lfccn wrote

I know the feeling. I've been reading about 'speed' and 'technical' side of headphones for a long time, but only after switching to planars I started to understand what it means. And now dynamic headphones are kinda hard to listen to :/ I'm thinking about planar iem as a next buy.


aknudskov t1_j5hp0dc wrote

Nice! Had you not heard planars before at all?

As soon as I heard my he-4xx, without EQ mind!, I loved them. I can't wait for my edition-XS to show up.

There is also a Geshelli J2(akm)/E2 coming, so I will have to be disciplined and try them on existing DAC/amp first (Xonar essence STX).


janesmb t1_j5iezqj wrote

Please post your thoughts on the XS when you get a chance. It's likely my next step from HE400se.


aknudskov t1_j5if5y4 wrote

Will do. I can't help but think it will be significantly better.


Lelouch25 t1_j5h901z wrote

You got the best headphones for the $$ and the best Dac amp combo for the $$.

Good 👍 stuff


not_ondrugs t1_j5h15c6 wrote

Sundaras are so good for the money.


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5hpaoj wrote

What about XS? Is it worth to pay the difference? I heard they compare to 1000$ headphones. What is more worth for the money out of these two?


tomatillo_ t1_j5i8evq wrote

Try both - sundaras are slightly warmer and edition xs leans slightly brighter + more resolving. I love the XS myself but I could see people making their case for either


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5ip7e4 wrote

I did try the XS and it was pretty amazing. I originally wanted to try Sumdara but they didn't have it. I guess it's better in all aspects?


tomatillo_ t1_j5iqhgv wrote

My personal opinion is yes, the XS is better in every way - but I also don't like warm-sounding things, so don't take my word for it


LTHardcase t1_j5kirc1 wrote

XS is Sundara on steroids, the latter has no advantages.


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5kypxd wrote

Thought so


LTHardcase t1_j5lebaa wrote

The egg shaped HFM reign supreme within their ecosystem, up until finding a reason to buy Susvara. I can't find a reason to downgrade once you've experienced the XS, the bass response alone is in a completely different league.


ledsled447 t1_j5ip19b wrote

Xs has a much bigger Soundstage and a much more impact in the bass. But Sundara sounds more natural to me (flat, consistent sound) and seems to have better imaging.

Demo'ed both but chose to keep the sundara


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5ipemc wrote

I tried XS but didn't get a chance to try Sundara. Yea I agree, the soundstage was massive and bass also good. Definitely did have that wow factor to it coming from my DT 770.

I originally wanted to try Sundara but they didn't have it. I guess I would skip the Sundara and go straight for the XS if I was upgrading. Which I can't justify yet as I just recently got the DT 770.


CelibateCarl t1_j5ndk5s wrote

Actually picking up a set of 770 80ohms tomorrow as my first set of proper cans! Currently on sale for $170 CAD. Couldn't pass it up!


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5pjvp1 wrote

I have the 80 Ω version as well. It's good but when I tried the XS the rabbit hole got deeper 😂


CelibateCarl t1_j5pkxey wrote

Ayy! Funny enough, my choices were between these, HE400SE and HD560s!

It's a dangerous hole to peek into.


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5plmm3 wrote

Have you tried all of them? Those two are really different from the DT 770. I only tried Edition XS and HD 600, but I was looking at those two as well since they are similar price to the 770.


CelibateCarl t1_j5rbdi3 wrote

Spoiler, I ended up picking up a set of 560s.
I've only tried the DT770 80 and 250s. Unfortunately I didn't have an amp to power the 250s, so it wasn't really at its full potential but I did try the 80s off a higher end PC right and it produced decent sound but I think it would've been better off a DAC. I ended up checking out used stuff locally one more time this morning and found a dude that had day old 560s with the receipts and everything and got a deal on em!


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5rflzy wrote

Did you go with it blindly? And do you like the 560s, now that you also know how the DT 770 sounds?

From my experience the DT 770 80 Ω version is perfectly fine without any AMP - both from my MacBook and iPhone.


CelibateCarl t1_j5s51rt wrote

TL;DR - heard a part from a fav song while testing the 560s and basically threw my money at him

I did yea. Had my S22 Ultra and a usb c dongle and buddy let me try em there. Played a few of my fav tracks real quick and I was pretty much sold.

I don't know if you've heard, but its a Ave Maria mix/remix with the Vengeance track from the new Batman movie. There's a part towards the end where the orchestra pauses and "bursts" back into life with a lot of energy and its got this..rumbly, satisfying bass behind it along with the instruments. I was shocked to hear the 560s give me that feeling like I was almost there while testing it. I've heard that part a bunch of times on my airpods, car system, my KZs and it didn't feel as good as it did there.
I'd love to hear the DTs off the Zen DAC Air that I got with them today to see if that would change my mind in the future. But for now, I'm super happy.


not_ondrugs t1_j5jgh79 wrote

If you like bass, go for the XS, but if you're not too bothered about that, then the Sundaras are fine.


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j5kxt59 wrote

I like my bass. I listen to music because of bass lol


not_ondrugs t1_j5kyr7s wrote

Well I’m sure someone could recommend a more bassy planar than the XS, if you want.


tmronin t1_j5hsd2o wrote

High Five! Been living with this duo for the last week or so - loving it so far.


Efficient_Truth_9461 t1_j5ifqhu wrote

I've heard people say a Planar is just the intermediate between dd and est drivers... but they sound like something else entirely to me. There is something captivating about the dual focus on detail and fun that elevates them above either and I think that is why to audiophiles there is such a small difference between planar and dd headphone popularity. Considering dd is seen as the default, that means a lot


TugSpeedmanTivo t1_j5h46we wrote

Nice combo, I’ve got these cans worth the k5 Pro. What cable are you using??


DanforthJesus OP t1_j5h4gh2 wrote

The stock right now. It’s ok. I’d like to try a balanced 4.4mm to take full advantage of this amp (and honestly to see if I can tell a difference). You?


TugSpeedmanTivo t1_j5h5xhf wrote

Oh interesting. I use the stock cable, but it looks way different. I wonder if this one is better than the older one. I also made a cable recently but I need to improve the tension relief on the connectors do the soldering doesn’t break.


VSG28 t1_j5in97i wrote

The one in the photo is the most recent Hifiman cable and, I dare say, the best one to date.


Evoken00 t1_j5it7ur wrote

Love my Sundara. I only bought them because my 6xx got lost in the post and I was sad, and they have been amazing. The 6xx turned up a week later, but I prefer the Sundara. I use the Sundara as my daily driver from my PC with a Magnius/Modius + balanced cable, and its awesome.


bagelbites29 t1_j5iuio4 wrote

I just got the youkamoo 4.4mm balanced upgrade cable off Amazon for my Sundara and K7. Amazing quality and really changed my experience with the Sundara.


Alpintosh t1_j5ksmmn wrote

This post is exactly similar to the ones that made me hype buy Sundaras and return it the next day, as a 6XX owner 😊 It was too bright for me, to a point where I had immediate ringing in my ears. Clamp force was also too much.


cyclode0320 t1_j5noqye wrote

same, but my 1st intro was 4 headhpones just last month and end up with sundara ifi zen dac v2. k7 was the original plan but i chose the truebass on zen dac


Beardmaster76 t1_j5hfbfb wrote

I have a pair of Sundara's on the way. First planes as well. What are some tracks you recommend for checking out the detail?


DanforthJesus OP t1_j5i67o2 wrote

Here are a selection:

Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

Such Great Heights - Postal Service

I'll keep Coming - Low Roar

White Sky - Vampire Weekend


this_isntmy_bestwork t1_j5i5nrw wrote

I like yellow ledbetter by pearl jam, the guitars are quite pronounced on that song.

Can't you see by Marshall Tucker band just because it's got a lot going on with different instruments.

Tbh though just pick tracks you have heard a thousand times and know well, that's when you notice the detail more


spider623 t1_j5l2v9e wrote

oh? my man, i'm considering getting the sundara for my K7, tell me how is the audio?


Swagm0n t1_j5jr4y2 wrote


Now that I've got your attention, let me explain. I absolutely love audio and I'm a big fan of HiFi. I am a fan of planar drivers and wanted a nice pair of headphones. The Sundara ticked all the boxes. I got them and the audio is absolutely wonderful. The most comfortable headphones I've ever used. I have used a lot of IEMs and I can't tell if something is wrong with me, my taste or the Sundara. I just feel like IEMs offer significantly higher immersion with music than my Sundara does. I still like them don't get me wrong, but even basic $100 HiFi IEMs feel more immersive.

Is anyone experiencing something similar? I kept my Sundara anyway because they're just that comfortable and good but I rarely actually touch them :(


blackrao t1_j5mveex wrote

honestly probably because the IEM feel closer and hit harder to bass?