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Verdreht t1_j31qal7 wrote

Christ I thought that was a single monitor for a second. I was wondering when 48:9 monitors had released


F3dezilkiller t1_j322r89 wrote

AHAHAHA me too. I was actually going to text the same thing. I was like "that's not a monitor, that's an airstrip"


oversized_hoodie t1_j32t5bb wrote

The world record for competitive STOL takeoffs is 6 feet, so you're not that far off.


[deleted] t1_j35iild wrote

Holy shit it's 3 of them. I thought it was some turbo extra wide.


moonra_zk t1_j387pa2 wrote

I was like "Jesus Christ, that monitor is so long it needs three stands! ...Ohhhh".


neon_overload t1_j3435fd wrote

Are all the monitors curved or is it my imagination? Never liked the idea of a curved monitor - I like straight lines to be straight on the screen.


Jogindah t1_j348m54 wrote

they are indeed curved, once you get past a certain width of monitor (or combination of monitors) the edges get too far compared to the center, so the curve offsets that. You can get around this with multiple straight monitors by having them at an angle. I couldn't imagine have 3 straight monitors in a completely straight line, i feel like i would have to shuffle over to see the edges

enjoy my shitty paint drawing


Reset_14 t1_j31z7qt wrote

El Psy Congroo.


SupOrSalad t1_j322b5a wrote

Glad to see some love for Steins; Gate


Velcorn OP t1_j31qasj wrote

From left to right:
Topping DX3 Pro+
Hifiman Sundara
Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser Momentum 4
Moondrop Aria Elven Maiden Edition + Tripowin Altea cable, powered by Qudelix-5K
FiiO BTA30 Pro

Since it was asked, PC equipment:
Monitors: 3x AOC C24G1
Keyboard: Logitech G213
Mouse: Logitech G502
Camera: Logitech G920
Mic: Auna 900B

I've been trying to complete a setup for both wired and wireless listening for both staying at my desk + moving around the apartment as well as when I'm out and about. My last addition has been the FiiO BTA30 Pro as Bluetooth on Windows has been an absolute trainwreck of an experience for me and no cheaper alternative existed. The only problem I'm still facing now is with the audio sometimes cutting out on silent passages - hoping it'll be solved by using an optical cable instead of USB, but it might genuinely be an unfixable thing I'll have to live with tied to how the Bluetooth codecs send audio... only works with LDAC which the Momentum 4s sadly don't support.


TagalogON t1_j329f2f wrote

That audio cutting out in silent passages is pretty much the norm with those receivers/transmitters combo units. FiiO confirmed, IIRC, it, like it was on the earlier BTA30 (non-Pro) thread or something on Head-Fi.

Check these threads: and

You basically have to play white noise or something, forgot now, to prevent the cutting out issue.

Look into the KB9P AptX Adaptive USB transmitter dongle, they're like $15-20 from AliExpress. It's not LDAC, but it's maybe the best Bluetooth transmitter available right now before those AptX Lossless dongles finally arrive.

This is the AptX Adaptive/AptX Lossless/etc. USB transmitter dongles (like KB9P, etc.) thread on Head-Fi, they talk about other Bluetooth stuff there too:

Here's more (direct) updated info about the AptX Adaptive USB transmitter dongles (KB8P, KB9P, YET-T10P):

Here's more info on TWS adapters like the FiiO UTWS3/5, KZ AZ09 Pro, etc. alongside adapters/converters, AptX Adaptive dongles (KB9P, YET-T10P, etc.), and so on needed for them: and

For latency, unfortunately it's just inherent Bluetooth tech limitations right now, see here for a bit more info:

Or ya actually recently some people are using LDAC through Windows 11 or so, check here:

The LDAC for Windows is supposedly from here, it's like in beta mode or something right now:


Velcorn OP t1_j32iv4n wrote

Thanks for the indepth comment, back down the rabbit hole, I suppose.


Coley44 t1_j35mzml wrote

That LDAC driver beta is amazing thanks so much for posting


iWazzmatazz t1_j31s96i wrote

I am interested in BTA30 Pro trying to move up the ladder from aptX HD. Have you tried paring with M50xBT2 or XM5s to see how LDAC plays on other than Momentum 4s?


Velcorn OP t1_j320v4s wrote

Since the M4s don't support LDAC in the first place. However, I've used it with the Qudelix and the connection + quality has been great for me. Range has been much better than with my phone and worked in every corner of my apartment which isn't particularly big, but considering LDAC at 909 kbps it seems good to me.


iWazzmatazz t1_j321ctq wrote

So should I get BTA 30 Pro for my desktop set up seems your experience hasn’t been great with it?


Velcorn OP t1_j34cqew wrote

Sorry for the late response. Wanted to wait for the optical cable I ordered to see whether that works better than USB. However, when I went to try it, I couldn't reproduce the problem xD

I would say it depends on your use case. If you need/want LDAC, it's completely worth it. If it's just aptx (HD/LL/Adaptive), there might be better and/or cheaper options in the form of some dongles (see comment from another user regarding dongles).


rascaltwitch t1_j338h1n wrote

Using the BTA30 pro and Qudelix as well and my experience has been very similar. When connected via LDAC, it's almost always in 660kbps mode (as reported by the Qudelix app), so I'm currently experimenting with Aptx HD instead since it's often reported to use less battery.

edit: should note that my BTA30 pro is connected to a picoreplayer setup in case it's helpful to anyone else.


roenthomas t1_j3202b9 wrote

You don’t even need an external BT device if all you want is LDAC on Windows.


Velcorn OP t1_j320la3 wrote

I know, but like I said BT on Windows has been utterly horrible from the cans not connecting properly to incredibly poor range. It's just been so annoying to deal with that I was willing to invest into such a niche product.


Elessun t1_j34nm35 wrote

Not related to this sub but I thought I'd throw it in here.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card then give Nvidia surround a go. It's orders of magnitude better than Windows spanning for 3 monitors.

Similarly if you have an AMD card, EyeFinity works the same way, and again is way better than Windows' solution.


Electronica__ t1_j324fgb wrote

Sir. Pads.


Fyebil t1_j32kgzd wrote

Both headphone pads, and mouse pads.

Please get one, its like 10$ for a decent one from like idk amazon


Velcorn OP t1_j325hxx wrote

What do you mean?


Electronica__ t1_j325m7k wrote

The pads look visibly compressed. I think u would fair better with new pads as they affect the sound.


Velcorn OP t1_j32aa9i wrote

Thanks for elaborating. I assume you mean the 600 pads.Yeah, they've seen some years of use, but I haven't found official pads and I don't like the 3rd party pads I've ordered a while ago, so I went back to the original ones.


blitzduck t1_j33shux wrote

i got the official pads for like $70 cad, feels like a huge rip-off, but i'm not convinced on the 3rd-party pads that are any significant amount cheaper. really hoping someone knows a place in canada we can get 'm cheaper (for the 600)


what_that_thaaang_do t1_j34tzw1 wrote

You can find replacements on sennheiser's website. Idk if they're in stock right now, but you should definitely jump on the opportunity when its available


Velcorn OP t1_j3lu5tx wrote

Got new, official pads now 😅


Elidyr90 t1_j3230jt wrote

+1 for one of the greatest anime ever made.


MoonlightNix t1_j31v9xb wrote

My man this is also my dreamed setup, also have the elven maiden edition and going for the 600, looking sick here


TheBacon240 t1_j32bg2l wrote

I literally just finished rewatching steins;gate yesterday lol. Still one of the goats


EastCommunication689 t1_j347jx2 wrote

This is a man of culture. Only premium weebs watch steins;gate 😎


doodooskit t1_j32wka2 wrote

Steins gate ost go stupid


gnarliest_gnome t1_j31t55p wrote

Fuck the midfi cans OP, details on your monitors please!


Velcorn OP t1_j31vvfr wrote

Lmao, I'll update my main comment with the info, but to not let you wait, they're pretty basic AOC C24G1 1080p 144 Hz monitors. Unfortunately, all 3 of them have different color representation - I guess that's (one of) the main disadvantage(s) of VA panels. Doesn't really bother me as I don't do picture/video editing or gaming using multiple monitors; just a programmer that needs dedicated Google/StackOverflow screens.


Titouan_Charles t1_j31z0w4 wrote

You can try and calibrate those to a common standard, and see how they fare after that. Color calibration isn't just for photo and video producers, it makes the monitors much more enjoyable to use day to day


Velcorn OP t1_j320can wrote

Thanks for the hint, I might actually try that one day, but so far it really hasn't bothered me all too much.


Titouan_Charles t1_j320g4x wrote

You could do some sick F1 22 gaming with this setup, your desk setup is really nice


gnarliest_gnome t1_j31x36k wrote

Thanks! The bezel is so small I thought it was one massive monitor at first. And I didn't actually mean "fuck your headphones". I hope you don't take it the wrong way.


Velcorn OP t1_j31ygei wrote

Haha, no worries. I got the joke or at least didn't take it as an offensive comment.


BamsE42 t1_j32bwfk wrote

Great! I’d recommend wall mounting the monitors if possible or get one stand for all of them. It would look a lot better combined with an extended mousepad


Velcorn OP t1_j32d4oo wrote

I guess wallmounting isn't such a bad idea. I'll look into it. Already got a pretty big mousepad just removed it for the picture. Thanks for the comment.

Edit: I'm an idiot considering that I have a height adjustable desk, so wallmounting isn't an option xD


organmaster_kev t1_j31x4wy wrote

You play pong on that resolution?


Velcorn OP t1_j31yua9 wrote

Yes, it's a good game. All jokes aside, I see no reason to have 1440p+ on 24 inch monitors and I don't feel the need for bigger monitors. Also at 27+ inch I'd have to get 1440p+ which is substantially more expensive when talking about a 3 monitor setup. AND you know where all my spare cash goes.


Veritasyrup t1_j32vmv5 wrote

For a moment I thought this was a post from r/battlestations enjoy it :)


Velcorn OP t1_j32z8h8 wrote

Haha, thanks. There simply wasn't a good way to get a decent picture without including my PC setup as well


10drck t1_j333fye wrote

based wallpaper


kachoo_ t1_j33fyzj wrote

Good taste in anime :)


Artificial-Fruit t1_j31ymzo wrote

How have you been liking the Momentum 4s? (Even when unfairly compared to your wired headphones) Been lookin at these for a hot minute.


Velcorn OP t1_j322fgh wrote

Thought I replied to you already, but seems someone else asked the same question. Please see my response to their comment.


shadow144hz t1_j32b2rr wrote

I'd recommend you get either a 3 armed mount for your monitors or 2 mounts, one that holds 2 monitors and one that hold only one since the first option might have a really big clamp compared to the other two. Also I'd say buy a deskmat, how do you bare with using a mouse on wood, especially for gaming.


Velcorn OP t1_j32brse wrote

I had that before and didn't really like it - probably because it wasn't a particularly high quality mount. Out of the question now as I have cable organisers mounted under the desk, so I can't attach clamps there anymore - was also a mistake not to have them a bit more inward to allow for clamps at the back, but since I don't really need them, I'm fine like this.

I have a deskmat, just removed it because the picture looks better without it ^^'


shadow144hz t1_j32c9yq wrote

Oh, that makes sense. I'm also guessing your deskmat is black or just a dark colour and that's why you couldn't take a picture with it, right? Everything is black lol, we need more colourful stuff lol.


My_Little_Pony123 t1_j32gyyw wrote

Heard them separately but never side-by-side; could you be kind enough to compare the HD600 and the Sundara? The former, to me was champion of effortless, and the latter the balanced well rounded. TIA.


Velcorn OP t1_j331u72 wrote

They are definitely very different. I can mostly give you a comparison considereing both are EQ'd to the Harman target. What persists is the 600 being the neutral king with an intimate soundstage, i.e., narrow. Bass is obviously still rather lacking, but that doesn't bother me too much. The Sundara on the other hand feel more energetic, have much better instrumental separation due to the planar technology and a small to medium wider soundstage compared to the 600. To my ears, the Sundara have an artificial feel to them in their sound which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can feel fatiguing after a while. I switch between them pretty frequently but usually end up sticking with the 600 for longer periods of time, in part due to the more comfortable fit but also they are the better "allrounder" for me and generally feel better suited for daily use. The Sundara work really well for some intense listening sessions, especially with more energetic/electronic music, orchestral music and the like.


HippyJaysus t1_j3424zt wrote

The last thing I noticed is the headphones. Such a cool looking setup , it sent me dreaming.


Pranaav202 t1_j34rqx4 wrote

Ah, I see you too are a Enjoyer of Steins Gate

El Psy Congroo


[deleted] t1_j34x6z4 wrote



Velcorn OP t1_j34yi46 wrote

Oh nice, have my eyes on the Blessing 2. My poor wallet.

Yeah, I'm considering going wireless keyboard and mouse in the future as technology has gotten to a point where those are actually usable. Might wait until one of them stops working because I'm pretty satisfied with them in general.


[deleted] t1_j34zlz7 wrote



Velcorn OP t1_j3518sf wrote

When there is no difference anymore, I'd always go for wireless. If battery life is no longer an inconvenience, that's the point.

Thanks for the tip and it's a deal :P


ProfessorWafflesPhD t1_j320rcu wrote

How do you like this Sennheiser momentum 4’s? Would you consider them to be good gaming headphones?


Velcorn OP t1_j321qeg wrote

I like them a lot. Sound is very nice especially coming from the XM4s and coupled with pretty good ANC they make for great cans when you're out and about. I'm still using wired more often than not when gaming, so wireless is mostly for online (work) meetings or activities where I move around the apartment more often. My main gripe would be software, i.e., you need the app to adjust ANC and the app takes ages to load into the settings which can be quite the annoyance. Other than that I haven't had (m)any issues with them aside from slightly unreliable touch controls for switching songs mostly.

The main problem might be BT connection with your PC/laptop. Whilst I have absolutely no issues with them on my MacBook (which comes with lack of codec support other than AAC of course), but Windows has been annoying enough to make me go for the FiiO BTA30 Pro.


TagalogON t1_j328mvb wrote

Ayo, Kurisutina.

With the alternate dimension, tutturu!


danielsvdas t1_j329dn1 wrote

I just downloaded a steins gate wallpaper yesterday what are the odds. Amazing setup too


Enough-Custard6496 t1_j32unwc wrote

I don't think any woman will stay over if they see this on my desk


Velcorn OP t1_j32wm66 wrote

Haha, that's why I bought most of my set-up after getting into a relationship


IMKGI t1_j33awvg wrote

And i am sitting here with the shittiest looking tripple monitor setup imaginable, a 1440p 165hz monitor infront of me, a 1080p144hz monitor vertical to the right and a 1080p60hz monitor horizonal again to the right of that, programming is a pain..... Yours looks so clean, i like it, also nice that you got the good HD600s


Velcorn OP t1_j33c94f wrote

Haha, we've all been there. But like mentioned in another post, they all have different color representation - still want to one day fix that somewhat ^^

I got them as a bargain for 150€ or so from someone who had them in their attic for a few years.


IMKGI t1_j33gxfo wrote

oh that's easy to fix, order a xrite i1display pro somewhere, calibrate all your monitors and you can return the device again


NYCrucial t1_j33p40d wrote

What kinda iems are those they're nice


Velcorn OP t1_j33y3t2 wrote

The Moondrop Aria Elven Maiden Edition


zippy251 t1_j33uwp5 wrote

Who turned the shuttle landing strip into a gaming monitor?


dogdillon t1_j33vmyz wrote

I thought this mf was playing ultra wide bad apple for a second


patrik_media t1_j33xsbj wrote

monitor arm would help a lot to lift up the desks aesthetics. and yeah, time to replace those pad son the sennys haha


Velcorn OP t1_j33yb10 wrote

I'll look into a proper wallmount


patrik_media t1_j33ypiv wrote

oh thats great too, I always forget about that option because I'm using a standing desk and that wouldn't work there.


Velcorn OP t1_j340zrv wrote

Lmao, you got me there. I (also) have a height-adjustable desk, so wallmount isn't an option, unfortunately xD


The_Roptor t1_j342psx wrote

How do you find the Momentum 4 compared to the Sundara and other competitors in the wireless ANC category?

Clearly they are different headphones for different use cases, but I'm wondering if the Momentum 4 would be a worthwhile upgrade over my Sony 1000XM2 finally. Asking as my daily remote work driver are also Sundaras.


happycamperjack t1_j347i4c wrote

Next stop: OLED monitor and 4090


Velcorn OP t1_j3lnwka wrote

Already have the 3070, so probably no upgrade in the near future


_4lyssa t1_j34npss wrote

You should really look into getting a 3 monitor arm, that would improve the setup immensely


Velcorn OP t1_j34y83j wrote

Had one before that I didn't like as it was a pain in the ass to have them be the same height and adjusting the horizontal tilt. I'll probably stick with the stands until I feel like really spending on a proper mount. Wall would've been easier, but height-adjustable desk.


_4lyssa t1_j352baz wrote

In my experience it's super annoying to fix with it in the beginning, but the easiest thing is to just get a no bullshit desk mounted one with 3 mounts on the same bar, and then not have to deal with with separate arms; which is awful to no end. And then just tape them together in the seems when they are lined up. Works wonders.

Most wallmounted monitor arms are on one single bar, meaning they essentially work the same and have the same issues. But you won't have to deal with the height adjustable desk problems :)


SeventyTimes_7 t1_j3584su wrote

HD 600 are still my favorite headphone purchase ever probably


Shirubax t1_j359hw3 wrote

Similar to that one. It's already significantly wider than my field of view if I sit close enough to use it for email or whatever!


[deleted] t1_j35d9jf wrote

sheeeesh that monitor is wide af


apaloosafire t1_j35mmis wrote

I’ve been recommended that show so many times why have I not watched it yet


Glocktopusbruh t1_j360b7b wrote

Perfect for stretched res Fortnite in 2018


ALTERED_BY_TIMESZ89 t1_j361qy9 wrote

If you put the side monitors about a half inch behind the middle monitor you it will seem seamless


Scrudge1 t1_j368jz2 wrote

How many heads do you have?!!!


Velcorn OP t1_j36i0nx wrote



Scrudge1 t1_j36r1ia wrote

So like one on your neck, one on your dick then one.... up your ass??

Sorry that was a bad joke hahahah Nice headphones by the way I think the monitor setup is pretty nifty


YazovIsBased t1_j36qbeg wrote

All you’re missing is a custom mechanical keyboard


Velcorn OP t1_j36rb7m wrote

Good point, gotta get one matching my Arias.


softmetalhead t1_j36vcet wrote

How has the paint on your moondrop arias held up and for how long have you had them?


Velcorn OP t1_j370m5u wrote

Have them since mid October, so barely 3 months. The paint is in pristine condition, but just today I noticed the right bud sounding quieter than the left. Will try swapping the filter and praying.

Update: No idea what it was, but I tried switching to the stock cable, the issue disappeared, then went back to my Altea and the issue is still gone. Maybe it was a weird connection, but I already replugged the buds - now hoping that it doesn't come back.

Update 2: It came back, swapped the filter, everything's great again now.


jtrump1s t1_j37bai0 wrote

Just ordered some Momentum 4's - hope I enjoy them! Cheers