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Velcorn OP t1_j31qasj wrote

From left to right:
Topping DX3 Pro+
Hifiman Sundara
Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser Momentum 4
Moondrop Aria Elven Maiden Edition + Tripowin Altea cable, powered by Qudelix-5K
FiiO BTA30 Pro

Since it was asked, PC equipment:
Monitors: 3x AOC C24G1
Keyboard: Logitech G213
Mouse: Logitech G502
Camera: Logitech G920
Mic: Auna 900B

I've been trying to complete a setup for both wired and wireless listening for both staying at my desk + moving around the apartment as well as when I'm out and about. My last addition has been the FiiO BTA30 Pro as Bluetooth on Windows has been an absolute trainwreck of an experience for me and no cheaper alternative existed. The only problem I'm still facing now is with the audio sometimes cutting out on silent passages - hoping it'll be solved by using an optical cable instead of USB, but it might genuinely be an unfixable thing I'll have to live with tied to how the Bluetooth codecs send audio... only works with LDAC which the Momentum 4s sadly don't support.


TagalogON t1_j329f2f wrote

That audio cutting out in silent passages is pretty much the norm with those receivers/transmitters combo units. FiiO confirmed, IIRC, it, like it was on the earlier BTA30 (non-Pro) thread or something on Head-Fi.

Check these threads: and

You basically have to play white noise or something, forgot now, to prevent the cutting out issue.

Look into the KB9P AptX Adaptive USB transmitter dongle, they're like $15-20 from AliExpress. It's not LDAC, but it's maybe the best Bluetooth transmitter available right now before those AptX Lossless dongles finally arrive.

This is the AptX Adaptive/AptX Lossless/etc. USB transmitter dongles (like KB9P, etc.) thread on Head-Fi, they talk about other Bluetooth stuff there too:

Here's more (direct) updated info about the AptX Adaptive USB transmitter dongles (KB8P, KB9P, YET-T10P):

Here's more info on TWS adapters like the FiiO UTWS3/5, KZ AZ09 Pro, etc. alongside adapters/converters, AptX Adaptive dongles (KB9P, YET-T10P, etc.), and so on needed for them: and

For latency, unfortunately it's just inherent Bluetooth tech limitations right now, see here for a bit more info:

Or ya actually recently some people are using LDAC through Windows 11 or so, check here:

The LDAC for Windows is supposedly from here, it's like in beta mode or something right now:


Velcorn OP t1_j32iv4n wrote

Thanks for the indepth comment, back down the rabbit hole, I suppose.


Coley44 t1_j35mzml wrote

That LDAC driver beta is amazing thanks so much for posting


iWazzmatazz t1_j31s96i wrote

I am interested in BTA30 Pro trying to move up the ladder from aptX HD. Have you tried paring with M50xBT2 or XM5s to see how LDAC plays on other than Momentum 4s?


Velcorn OP t1_j320v4s wrote

Since the M4s don't support LDAC in the first place. However, I've used it with the Qudelix and the connection + quality has been great for me. Range has been much better than with my phone and worked in every corner of my apartment which isn't particularly big, but considering LDAC at 909 kbps it seems good to me.


iWazzmatazz t1_j321ctq wrote

So should I get BTA 30 Pro for my desktop set up seems your experience hasn’t been great with it?


Velcorn OP t1_j34cqew wrote

Sorry for the late response. Wanted to wait for the optical cable I ordered to see whether that works better than USB. However, when I went to try it, I couldn't reproduce the problem xD

I would say it depends on your use case. If you need/want LDAC, it's completely worth it. If it's just aptx (HD/LL/Adaptive), there might be better and/or cheaper options in the form of some dongles (see comment from another user regarding dongles).


rascaltwitch t1_j338h1n wrote

Using the BTA30 pro and Qudelix as well and my experience has been very similar. When connected via LDAC, it's almost always in 660kbps mode (as reported by the Qudelix app), so I'm currently experimenting with Aptx HD instead since it's often reported to use less battery.

edit: should note that my BTA30 pro is connected to a picoreplayer setup in case it's helpful to anyone else.


roenthomas t1_j3202b9 wrote

You don’t even need an external BT device if all you want is LDAC on Windows.


Velcorn OP t1_j320la3 wrote

I know, but like I said BT on Windows has been utterly horrible from the cans not connecting properly to incredibly poor range. It's just been so annoying to deal with that I was willing to invest into such a niche product.


Elessun t1_j34nm35 wrote

Not related to this sub but I thought I'd throw it in here.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card then give Nvidia surround a go. It's orders of magnitude better than Windows spanning for 3 monitors.

Similarly if you have an AMD card, EyeFinity works the same way, and again is way better than Windows' solution.