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I've got a set of hifiman HE-4xx with thicker brainwave pads, and I've got a pair of Edition XS en route. I want a headphone stand that keeps them off my desk and keeps the pads free floating so they don't get smooshed. Anyone got a specific recommendation?

Was thinking maybe the Benks headphone stand for airpods max? ..

Wife says use a teddy bear ;)



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prymortal69 t1_j5se15t wrote

Rooms & Woo make good ones for the taller Hifimans (arya, ananda & Edition(X's)) to keep them up without the cable being smooshed, Lamicall Headphone Stand is a cheaper option. They will all work for the HE4XX but might not be what you had in mind.


aknudskov OP t1_j5sea09 wrote

Thanks. Yeah I'm not sure if what I want exists. The stand, at least for a he-4xx + pads, would need to have more less radius/more lateral width to force the earpads apart a bit. Not sure on XS yet, they arrive later this week


Soggy-Ad7318 t1_j5son8i wrote

I have two of the Woo Audio stands, they are a bit pricey but are of top notch quality.


whatisashower t1_j5u4ldx wrote

I have a lot of stands from Amazon for like 22€. I think I am not allowed to post links here. Look for "aizj-07" on amazon. maybe also look under related products there a few sellers selling these under different name (I am buying from Amazon Germany). They are around 28cm high which is plenty for every headphone i own (Arya might be the biggest ones). Apart from that I can also recommend the ones from Room, they look and work awesome, but pricey. Only my current favourite is allowed to sit on it.


aknudskov OP t1_j5u5i2n wrote

I've tried one of the wood / metal pole Amazon ones. It was well made, cheap. Not a great design though for earphones that naturally rest with pads touching