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Hey there so i've decided i want to purchase the beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X from some research they were really highly recommended for my gaming usage, streaming and music listening. However I'm really unknowledgeable about the cables adapters and Amps required to actually plug this thing in into my PC. It uses a mini XLR cable apparently and I'm not sure whether to get a MINI XLR to 3.5mm adapter or to buy an amp. If anyone could help that would be appreciated. Thanks!!



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sorbuss t1_j6mtt4f wrote

It is only mini xlr in the one end of the cable


wijnandsj t1_j6mvo66 wrote

Your headphones come with a short and long cable with 3.5mm on one end, with a6.3mm converter included. That cable connects to the headphones with mini xlr. That's only relevant when you need a new cable


Nr48 t1_j6mvuo6 wrote

Here you see the cables you will get the end of the cable you plug into your pc has a normal 3.5mm (with 6.35mm screw on adapter) connector, so you can just use it as it is.


RemyRogers OP t1_j6mxd4l wrote

thanks so much for your help i seriously appreciate it <3


AnotherSpecificDuck t1_j6n000u wrote

You won’t need an amp for them even tho I personally would go for a combo unit (dac and amp in one) because it’s more convenient and is a bit more future proof if you want to upgrade one day.

The XLR is only on the headphone side and the others already stated and 3.5mm in the other side


carolina_hokie t1_j6ny2en wrote

Just a cautionary tale from someone who bought these. If you want a mic for gaming, you are pretty much forced to a separate mic. Due to the mini xlr connection in the headphones you can't use a normal boom mic like the vmoda or something. Unfortunately, there aren't really a ton of adapters from mini xlr to 3.5mm either. This is especially difficult on console if you plan on just doing a controller. Maybe a little boom mic isn't important to you though. Just a little fyi.