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Crazy you’re still on here lol. Saw you commenting all the time back when I started using Reddit around 2012 (had a different account)


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The hd600 is greatly tuned, but the mids are actually quite a bit different. If you check the fr of the headphones on, you will notice the hd600 has some elevation in the 1k area that the ksc75 lacks, added with a slightly laid back "middle-midrange" the ksc75 actually follows the target more closely than the hd600. I've played around with eq with my ksc75 and hd560s, and when eqing the hd560s to the hd600 target, if that's at all what they sound like, they're quite different from the ksc75.


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Do you mind sharing the EQ settings you use to mimic the hd600? And if possible, where you found the presets/what your process was to get those settings?

I'd love to mess around with my 560s into "demoing" other headphones, seems like a lot of fun.


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Here's the parametric eq setting I use for "hd560s-to-hd600" :

Preamp: -2.3 dB Filter 1: OFF PK Fc 38 Hz Gain -1.0 dB Q 0.500 Filter 2: OFF PK Fc 42 Hz Gain 0.4 dB Q 2.000 Filter 3: ON PK Fc 80 Hz Gain -0.6 dB Q 1.000 Filter 4: ON PK Fc 120 Hz Gain 1.0 dB Q 2.000 Filter 5: ON PK Fc 180 Hz Gain 1.7 dB Q 0.700 Filter 6: ON PK Fc 3200 Hz Gain 3.7 dB Q 1.800 Filter 7: ON PK Fc 3900 Hz Gain -1.0 dB Q 0.700 Filter 8: ON PK Fc 5600 Hz Gain -5.4 dB Q 1.400 Filter 9: ON PK Fc 8500 Hz Gain 2.6 dB Q 0.500 Filter 10: ON PK Fc 8700 Hz Gain -4.3 dB Q 2.000

The way I make it is through the crinacle headphone graphs tool site, in the equalizer section. To do this, first delete both the target and the headphone graph that comes up when you first open the site, then load in the graph of your headphone first, from the list (it's important that the first graph is that of the headphone you want to eq), then add the "target" headphone graph. Then, in the eq settings, there's a button that says "autoeq", that will match the fr of the first headphones (yours) to the one of the second (the "target"). Before clicking the button, you can add or remove empty filters from the eq settings to make the eq more or less detailed or "specific", even though it's not really that useful since the graphs you're using to do this are not those of your specific headphones, but of those that were graphed by crinacle, so a small amount of unit variance always occurs. Also keep in mind that eqing past 10k becomes unreliable, since the fr depends a lot on the specific headphone placement and the pinna gain of the articifial ear used to create the fr. So dont worry too much about it, and let the autoeq do its magic :)

After the eq is done, go ahead and delete the second headphone from the selection, and then in the eq section click on "export" to have the txt file with the parametric eq settings, like the one I've pasted here. Optionally, there's an option to download a txt file for wavelet, that will work as an autoeq preset once you import it in the app from your downloads.


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Small addition : in the original txt file, there are some line breaks at the end of each "filter settings", which are not displayed here correctly since I'm using the reddit app. I'm not sure of how copying and pasting it will work, but I guess it should be fine, otherwise you can just do the process again by yourself


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Wow, thank you for the super detailed answer! Excited to mess around with this