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Pictured is my younger brother, who has avoided listening to my headphones like the plague since I took up this hobby. Not sure what possessed him, but the other day, while he was visiting my apartment, he asked to listen to a few songs on my "fancy headphones."

He probably won't go and get his own pair of 1990s or 660s but it made me stupidly happy to see him show interest in it at all and actually enjoy something I'm so passionate about.

That is all folks, just wanted to share with other people who get it haha.



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faustsofar t1_j6b0045 wrote

The best feeling in the world (unless they fucking crank the volume up to the max on high gain)


radrod69 OP t1_j6b1412 wrote

Oh God, I totally forgot about that. He did turn it way up :(


TheFrator t1_j6b2no3 wrote

Does he have the ears that were promised? Ears able to withstand the beyer treble spike at over 100 dB...


radrod69 OP t1_j6b8oyd wrote

Ehrm, he probably just needs a professional cleaning haha.


[deleted] t1_j6ch8xq wrote

I had a friend come over who thinks the airpod max is the very best of sound quality. Made him listen to my focal clears. He tried to max out the volume straight away so it would start clipping and I've never felt such fear in my life


Astrophan t1_j6d5yn5 wrote

Right? What's the deal with that? 7 people tried my headphones, age around 23 and 45+, and every time they crank up the volume really high. To the point it's absolutely unlistenable to me and I hear everything when they have it on. Why does that happen? Is my hearing that sensitive? They add like 45 dB if I would have to guess, insane.


TheFrator t1_j6d786x wrote

A lot of non-hi fi audio people think the hallmark of a good system is how loud it can get. It's the same with stereos. And psychologically, louder things sound better (up to a point obviously).


dib1999 t1_j6etxki wrote

I like to warn people "if you touch that dial it will either pop your ears or my headphones, and it better not be my headphones"


ColbyAndrew t1_j6d2tte wrote

Thats my wife. She likes her music like I like my women… Shrill.


SuperValue t1_j6b0xrf wrote

2 years later and he's contemplating Susvara or Utopia


JProllz t1_j6b28cb wrote

Avoid them like the plague? I can understand bland indifference towards a hobby, but active dislike?


Metalicc t1_j6b3c9v wrote

Maybe he was afraid of being so blown away by good audio that his own stuff wouldn’t satisfy him anymore


Pherrret t1_j6cfg99 wrote

This is my partner's approach. Tis a shame


WhatEver405 t1_j6b73gu wrote

I guess he didn't just like the idea of using a headphone? Like for example, my old man will never ever use any earphones but he's fine with over ear headphones.


c9898 t1_j6cfc9k wrote

Having brothers myself, I've been on both sides of this kind of tomfoolery. Just childishly avoiding/disliking things either of us like just to spite each other


radrod69 OP t1_j6cgt0j wrote

Correct, just brotherly tomfoolery and a little bit of embellishment.


gomibag t1_j6b5uek wrote

I would get it if it were a hobby about crocheting or the sort.


JProllz t1_j6bbbkw wrote

What did crochet do to you?


gomibag t1_j6bdr26 wrote

it killed my whole family


zoinkability t1_j6d6paq wrote

Have you ever tried to remove a crochet needle from someone’s arm? You gotta push it all the way through. Just brutal. Knitting violence is much easier to deal with.


deshan79 t1_j6bm3mv wrote

You know how many different colors of yarn there are? get's expensive


zoinkability t1_j6d6uxs wrote

And thicknesses! And types! And there is no “endgame,” you just have to keep buying the stuff to feed the crochet beast.

Headphones are a cheap hobby by comparison.


zoinkability t1_j6d6f3v wrote

My wife has sensory sensitivities around anything on/over/in her ears. She can barely handle work calls, she doesn’t want to spend a single minute with headphones on she doesn’t have to.

It’s OK. We also have nice speakers and she appreciates those.


zejjez t1_j6bloyd wrote

I mean yeah the headphones, but where is that desk from?!? I want one.


radrod69 OP t1_j6cas5u wrote

Amazon! Only like 90 bucks and it is really good quality. I'll try to get a link if interested.


zejjez t1_j6fuch0 wrote

I just saw all the comments about the desk and see a link. Guess I wasn’t the only one who likes it. Thanks!


chxei t1_j6c6iyc wrote

I want that desk too, looks very handy


radrod69 OP t1_j6djyg3 wrote

I posted a link as a response to the top level comment btw.


rainzx27 t1_j6biuyj wrote

The chair looks comfy as fuck.


Archive_06 t1_j6c8xnj wrote

Nothing better than a good chair, his desk hurts my shins though


sverek t1_j6bqzzh wrote

Looks good on him! DT1990 are one of those rare open backs that looks and sounds "edgy"


Gamergtx_260 t1_j6c7zhr wrote

Can confirm he is probably wondering “Okay, I’ve never heard these hidden instruments before”


Yodamanjaro t1_j6bxxjh wrote

Can someone explain to me what I'm missing here? Looks like the average /r/headphones user.


HowieGaming t1_j6crq9h wrote

> Pictured is my younger brother, who has avoided listening to my headphones like the plague since I took up this hobby. Not sure what possessed him, but the other day, while he was visiting my apartment, he asked to listen to a few songs on my "fancy headphones." > > He probably won't go and get his own pair of 1990s or 660s but it made me stupidly happy to see him show interest in it at all and actually enjoy something I'm so passionate about. > > That is all folks, just wanted to share with other people who get it haha.


scottmkeelan t1_j6bjylg wrote

How do you like the headband pad? Is that the ZMF pilot or copilot?


radrod69 OP t1_j6cax72 wrote

Co. The pad itself is comfy, but the structure is surprisingly poor. Mine got torn the first or second time I detached it. Would not recommend it unless your wife's grandma is good with sewing too.


Dr-Dice t1_j6ca0dj wrote

How does the 1990 compare to 660s? Which one do you prefer?


radrod69 OP t1_j6cijq7 wrote

I go back and forth between them every few days, and every time I switch, I go "yup this is my favorite." Probably the 660S by a hair though. If I could only have one it'd be it because it's more of a catch-all for my music preferences.

The DT 1990 is more aggressive and punchy (in a good way), the staging is more open and wider by bit (660s is decently wide but I perceive it more around my head than infront of me, both are cool with me), it's also clinically analytical where the 660 is warm and dark. I feel like the 660 gives music it's own presentation, while the 1990 just shows you it as is.


Flexyjerkov t1_j6cqwpa wrote

Wish mine were as passionate, one of them is happy with some $5 earphones that typically come free with mobile phones :(


rhpot1991 t1_j6brecf wrote

Watch for a sale price on 6XX and gift them to him at some point.


radrod69 OP t1_j6g72xe wrote

Good idea. I think something like a portapro would be more his speed.


rhpot1991 t1_j6gjor3 wrote

Also a great choice, I gave mine to my kid at some point.


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j6bsejx wrote

Nice cable, the one on my DT 770 is pissing me off


Aeysir69 t1_j6c1dst wrote

I just wanna know what desk that is? That would look perfect downstairs 😁


T3L3SIS t1_j6cftbv wrote

Nice desk!


OliverFrancis t1_j6chobw wrote

I love how everyone has a pair of 660S. I thought they were just some ordinary expensive headphones until I bought them and realized that everyone has them as well 😂


goatorcycle t1_j6cy0t6 wrote

Why do you have acoustic panels above the desk if its a headphone setup?


maniacmentz t1_j6er2sy wrote

Super underrated album right there


radrod69 OP t1_j6g8l01 wrote

I do hope that with time, more fans are able to look back and appreciate it. It played a huge role in my music formative years.


Ok-Change503 t1_j6jx4ab wrote

Get him a pair of 9500 or something for Christmas.


PhysicalRow4225 t1_j6b7tz3 wrote

What are you running for the amp? I like the little screen with the graph


radrod69 OP t1_j6b8jp4 wrote

The little screen hypnotized me into buying it. It's a DAC/AMP combo unit called "ADI-2 DAC FS" by a company called RME


PhysicalRow4225 t1_j6b9xxk wrote

Thank you, might pair it with a dx3 pro+ from topping


wagninger t1_j6byqt4 wrote

Which is also a DAC/amp, and a much worse one.


PhysicalRow4225 t1_j6gsvhx wrote

I just got a pair of hd660s’ and am waiting on the dx3, these will be the first pair of headphones I own as well as my first dac. Although I don’t mind spending more money in the beginning to lengthen the time needed for an upgrade, I would like to “test the waters”, and for a couple hundred bucks I feel the little topping may help with that.


radrod69 OP t1_j6ho36u wrote

Your Topping unit is perfectly fine. I would be hard pressed to find anyone here who could tell a difference between the two in a blind A/B test (before applying DSP of course). The only reason the ADI-2 is more costly is because it is jam-packed with digital signal processing (DSP) features that work really well. I'm not sure why they felt the need to put you down just cause you didn't know the two aren't meant to go together.


PhysicalRow4225 t1_j6i3zvf wrote

Thanks for this, I also am not familiar with dsp but will look it up. With the price difference between the adi-2 and topping it must be a game changer, that and the fact it seems to be bigger and have and a four pin connector so it most likely drives much more power.


radrod69 OP t1_j6iq0vs wrote

DSP is kind of a game changer, EQ is a big one you'll see discussed a lot around here. But there are free options, I just happen to like the convenience of being able to take care of all of that from my DAC. The ADI-2 is not likely to have much more power either tbh because honestly not much is really needed and the engineers at RME mention that in the manual, I personally don't think power makes a difference past a certain point but it's a big topic of debate


Jadejr14 t1_j6cfqsf wrote

Hear me out they are amazing when drunk as f


radrod69 OP t1_j6ch5oj wrote

I fear they might actually punch me


Ilumeo t1_j6cqd50 wrote

Entertainment by Phoenix?


radrod69 OP t1_j6cs0a4 wrote

Yeah! The album is called "Bankrupt!" Entertainmemt is a good track from it though.


Ilumeo t1_j6cwv80 wrote

Ah yes that's right! Haven't listened to it for a while, thanks for the reminder!


joshdavidp t1_j6dpuhz wrote

Are those acoustic tiles on your wall? If so, link? Assuming you like them!


717x t1_j6dsqfm wrote

I’m calling cap on the first part… no chance he “avoided listening to headphones” in general lol

Sweet desk and system though 🔥


radrod69 OP t1_j6ep20d wrote

A little embellishment never hurt hah and Thanks!


AutobotVu t1_j6e2dvl wrote

Do those wall things actually help I have been on the fence with them never tried but always tempted


radrod69 OP t1_j6eoujv wrote

I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell to be honest. I didn't notice a difference when I had monitors, but it's not like I actually knew how to measure a change or where to place them even.


johnkz t1_j6e5wa5 wrote

your brother needs to wash his hair lol 😆


[deleted] t1_j6cm757 wrote

Neither are good