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BowzerBigBeanBurrito OP t1_j5zgwtv wrote

Hi yall, I figured i'll write this up as best I can and will be answering any question I can throughout the work day.

Firstly im coming from HD600s for over 6 years or so. After graduation and getting an office job I figured I try some IEMs for the first real time and started with the Dusk.

I really enjoy them still and was a big purchase for myself. I loved having such a quality product for my everyday office audio. I enjoyed the details but the size of the Dusks was just too much for myself and started giving me issues with pain, this is after a few months and couldn't go all day long with the size.

This past week I have picked up the Timeless AE and have loved every day with them. I do enjoy the bass these have but I do not feel like I am losing that much with resolution. I will still be keeping the Dusks and this pair of the two I believe will be such complementary of each other.

I'll try to answer any questions when I get the chance!


Lord_Umio_yt t1_j5zjp2i wrote

Hey there, do the timeless have a good fit and are they comfortable? They seem so big and bulky.


soboi12345 t1_j5zplka wrote

They are super comfy! Best part ? Since they are flat I can sleep sideways!! They are so good!

I love to sleep with the iem. Obviously try different tips to get comfort. For me these have superb comfort!


soyuz-1 t1_j5ztwba wrote

Can confirm fit is very comfy and they're not too heavy. And yes laying on your side with them is possible.


Lord_Umio_yt t1_j5zw4be wrote

I am intrigued


BowzerBigBeanBurrito OP t1_j5zycd3 wrote

Yeah I would agree with what other commenters have said on comfort, that's one if not the biggest reason I was looking for a change from the Dusk. its really lightweight and I changed the stock cable to an even lighter one so it feels great. I wear them about 7 hours a day at work.


soboi12345 t1_j5zwgwo wrote

Yep! They are so comfortable. Because even I thought they will be bulky, but with them I can sleep sideways!

And obviously dont use the stock tip, use the white straight tips for the best sound.


[deleted] t1_j61ezk0 wrote



soboi12345 t1_j632623 wrote

What tips do you use ? I highly suggest using the straight white tips provided in the box.

Don't use the typical dome shaped tips. Using the straight white improves the sound in all ways and also improves the soundstage and they go a little deeper too.


RayzTheRoof t1_j60wfm1 wrote

the nozzle is shallow and doesn't go deep, extremely comfortable for me


badg2209 t1_j604dug wrote

Thanks to this forum I've recently bought some Hifiman Ananda which I'm loving, and now I've been considering some IEMs around this kind of price.

Which i plan on using when not at home, but I'm completely lost what to buy as there's so many options. These two are on my list so I've got a couple queries:

Which of these would you consider has better sound isolation as I would plan on using them commuting?

Are they easy to drive or would they need a reasonable DAC/ AMP? If so any portable recommendations?



Spyronight t1_j60onmu wrote

neither of these need an amp, the dusk sounds better, isolation wise I dont remember since I had the shure 535 with them that blew these 2 out of the water in that department, but the Dusk I kept has decent isolation. I remember the 7hz sounding musical with good details but had worse soundstage and detail retrieval than my AKg N5005 which I kept. The Dusk that replaced the AKG did almost everything right and is great with all genres (Still smaller soundstage than the N5005). Just my thoughts.


herzonia t1_j611a4j wrote

Another vote for the Dusk. Best all rounder ever, there isn't a genre that doesn't sound awesome on it.


Paullebricoleur_ t1_j60dfva wrote

I can only speak for the Timeless AEs but they sound great out of my phone's headphone jack !


soboi12345 t1_j632am1 wrote

I can speak on timeless ae too! And I use a budget phone as a dap, and they sound good straight out of the jack! Obviously I have to pump the volume up.

I personally use a fiio btr5 balanced! The sonic ability of the iem does increase and it sounds more richer in every way. So there is that too! I use my btr5 as a dongle DAC and as a BT DAC

And do use the included straight white tips inside the box. The regular dome tips does give too much bass and the soundstage suffers too IMO.


badg2209 t1_j67s66b wrote

Cheers, I'm swaying towards the Timeless as people said they can sleep with them in. The BT DAC sounds like a decent idea, although I know BT isn't the best for sound quality but a nice to have convenient option.


soboi12345 t1_j67trll wrote

I have the timeless ae to not the regular timeless to be clear, both are different.

And yes BT dac is really convenient.


soboi12345 t1_j5zpfv6 wrote

Hey mate do try the long bore white tips they tame the bass and bass improves a lot, soundstage increases a lot too and finally the treble is well rounded with these tips.

The stock tips and the other basic tips makes the timeless ae sound too dd-esque v shape iem.

Highly suggest trying the dunu s&s type tips provided in the box!


BowzerBigBeanBurrito OP t1_j5zq2ec wrote

I have actually switched to Spinfit CP100, have u had any experience with them? any guides on the tips that come with AE?


soboi12345 t1_j5zqsie wrote

Ya as I said do try the straight white tips.provided on the box. They sound awesome with them.

The bass is improved, the soundstage is improved, mids are bought front too. Highly suggested trying them!!

They seem to be a copy of the dunu s&s tips.

Anything with small bore keeps the bass boomy and imonit overpowers in many tracks. With these the bass is crisp and clear.


StrnglyCoincdtl t1_j607mk7 wrote

I'm thinking about Timeless at this moment cause I'm in love with planar headphones. Do you see noticible/any difference in detail/resolving/speed in Timeless due to them being planar? I have a Fiio iem at the moment and planing on investing in somethin more.


soboi12345 t1_j632fwa wrote

I have listened to some iems not much. And the timeless ae is definately the best I have heard. And what's more is that they are super comfy (with the straight white tips inside the box) and I can sleep sideways too!

They really are worth the price. They are an all rounder set for me.


mkfra t1_j6du1zv wrote

Did you ever have an opportunity to try the OG 7hz Timeless? If so, how would you compare those two?

Also - do you like the midrange more on the AE’s or Blessings?