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Hydrosplash t1_j6ms7m6 wrote

Looks like an ES series Audio Technica, i think it's an ES7.


Indifferent_Demon t1_j6mpb4e wrote

That Doggo is sooo cute😍


BloomEPU t1_j6mxhe4 wrote

It's the dog from the old doge meme! She's had a lot of health issues recently which is sad, but she's really old for a shiba inu so it's to be expected.


Traditional-Voice-44 t1_j6mm933 wrote

They look like my old audio technicas, can't remember the model number though


MadduckUK t1_j6pclbm wrote

That's a dude in a suite.


PhoenixRisingtw t1_j6mqyk4 wrote

Why do people always want to identify headphones in photos? You can't know how they sound


sadplayed t1_j6mru8v wrote

In fact, audiophiles are more concerned about looks


GLikesSteak t1_j6msix5 wrote

Looks is a plus and the first attracting factor, but if it's utterly gorgeous but has dogshit sound, interest dies real fast


sunjay140 t1_j6nh2mi wrote

You can have both looks and sound quality. Look at the Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X and V-Moda M-200.