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kawhi_2020 t1_j7mrhdw wrote

There would never be a truce between Germany and the USSR after the war began. The German war aim was conquest in the east, and all they did was in preparation for commitment there. It was a war of extermination by the Germans and a war of survival for the Soviet Union. The USSR always expected that war was coming but thought they could buy more time. Germany struck as hard as they did because it was perhaps their only chance to win.

There would also never be a truce between China and Japan. That wasn't a war of extermination like the invasion of the USSR, but it was a war for the survival of a Chinese state.

Britain could have sued for peace but it would mean the end of the British Empire from defeat in war, rather than what happened which was imperial exhaustion. So that was never really an option.

The US has no justification that would satisfy the American public to go to war until Pearl Harbor. After that, no chance of a premature end to the war.

Japan had imperial ambitions that clashed with Britain and America. Their war goal was to seize as many resource-rich zones as they could before they burned through their supplies. They attacked Pearl Harbor specifically to try and force the US to accept Japanese imperial domination in Southeast Asia, not because Japan had any intent to invade the US. So there's no real way for them to stop either. If possible they would have extended to take over India as well.