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LoR_RalphRoberts t1_j7xdtfx wrote

The japanese did invade alaska, so it's not wholly without reason.


Kris_n t1_j7zwztn wrote



Kris_n t1_j80d07k wrote

Thank you so much!

I thought it was the mainland, but still I’ve never heard they came this close to the US.


p68 t1_j80pngn wrote

Yeah, we both learned something from this. I didn't realize Alaska extended so far westward either.


-Vikthor- t1_j807049 wrote

Not the mainland, but several of the islands. Just before the Battle of Midway IIRC.


Kris_n t1_j80d851 wrote

Yeah, some other redditor sent a link. Still - if they had a permanent hold there, they could have attempted to attack the mainland.


Aschrod1 t1_j882ral wrote

It was the airbases that really spooked us. Planes didn’t have great range so having a daisy chain of airbases from Japan to the aleutians could potentially grow to be a bigger threat than one would think 🤣.


Anthony9824 t1_j8c035o wrote

Oh yeah, pretty much Japan and the US’s strategy. Create a chain of supply lines towards your enemy so you can eventually deliver the decisive blow


War_Hymn t1_j8izb6l wrote

Given how overextended they were already trying to hold their East Indian/South Pacific posessions, I doubt it would had been wise.


Elitemail t1_ja361jd wrote

I was born and raised in Alaska. It baffles me that Only in Alaska this is taught in American history


Silkkiuikku t1_jacdu6a wrote

Why did they have to be forcibly evacuated? Did they not realise how brutal the Japanese army was?