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big_sugi t1_j8on9dx wrote

That’s an amazing story. I’d like to read her autobiography, but it seems to be out of print, and copies are expensive.


LarkScarlett t1_j8ouyll wrote

While not helpful in this particular instance, this website gives access to a lot of books that are out of print with copyright expired:

So if there are Victorian-era books or autobiographies you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it here for free. Muriel Gardiner’s book unfortunately might need a decade or three before the copyright is expired. (Timing depends on country of the author. Usually 70ish years after death of author.)


big_sugi t1_j8p1grk wrote

Alas, still under copyright in the US until 2035, since she died in 1985.

There are a couple of copies in the area, but they’re in places like the Library of Congress or university libraries an hour away, so they’re not very accessible.


Midwestern_Childhood t1_j8pnx95 wrote

I see that others have solved the problem for you, but keep in mind that sometimes public libraries can get books they don't own through interlibrary loan, at no extra cost to you. It's certainly worth asking when you're after a specific title. Also, some universities will allow local residents to use their library facilities: again, it's worth checking when after a difficult-to-find book.


Negative_Gravitas t1_j8pdj1w wrote

Holy shit, I remember, and very much liked, "Julia," and was always a bit of a Lillian Hellman fan, but I had no idea about this. And the actuality is . . . Thanks, OP. "'Code Name 'Mary'" is now high on my list. Best of luck out there


TUGrad t1_j8q0gwc wrote

She was definitely an amazing and selfless person.


Individual_Ad2579 t1_j8qvxp9 wrote

As big as something like this is I’m surprised to have never learned anything about her in school. That’s sad


BoRisblapbLap t1_j8poj3d wrote

Her memoir sounds fascinating, truly.


magicalfolk t1_j8rgoz7 wrote

Thank you for sharing. What a extraordinary woman.
I'd love to see this made into a limited (historically correct) series.