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khegiobridge t1_j92v7kh wrote

are there any accurate Hollywood western movies?


Hungry_Nail9832 t1_j93jx2p wrote

I don't know about Accuracy per say but I do know that when westerns became a thing Wyatt Earp was a consultant for several silent era westerns. He became friends with a few western actors so im sure they at least got his perspective. Another thing I've always heard but im not sure about truth wise is that John Wayne met Earp when he was still a bit player in silent films and going by his birth name. He may have gleaned some knowledge from him as well


Original_Amber t1_j98dozr wrote

Earp lied about a lot to make himself look better. For instance, Morgan was sheriff, not Wyatt.


Hungry_Nail9832 t1_j98h0n7 wrote

Yeah I figured as much. That why I said I don't know if it's accurate. But he did live through it and he was a consultant. So he probably told many of the smaller details correct. Just now the hero and villan aspect


BanjoMothman t1_j93ywl6 wrote

Ive heard that Ride with the Devil is fairly accurate, but most people consider it boring.