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MrDD33 t1_j95lcjc wrote

What was the story about him being able to lift an incredible heavy weight?


MrKidderfer t1_j965kbk wrote

I think you just told it


DarthRathikus t1_j96rmui wrote

Was a hell of a tale. Gonna make a cup of tea and really just reflect back on it for a bit.


Yasuminomon t1_j98594k wrote

I liked the part where he lifted that incredible heavyweight


Sonyguyus t1_j971u1h wrote

That’s when he slammed Andre the giant in front of 93,137 people in the Pontiac Silverdome at Wrestlemania 3.


Hplayer18 t1_j984bj6 wrote

I thought he threw the undertaker off a cage, crashing him through the announcers table


Sonyguyus t1_j98g9v1 wrote

About the only guy badass enough to do that to The Undertaker


PunishedCadillac t1_j97z1rf wrote

Andre was pretty big. But he was able to lift himself everyday of his life which is pretty incredible


pokedudewithglasses t1_j97z30v wrote

Apparently able to hold an ax straight by the end of the handle with two fingers an arm’s length away