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Thatparkjobin7A t1_j96ncr1 wrote

Doesn’t say anything about one hand either.

It seems Lincoln’s go-to move and possibly secret to success was to simply close his hands around his opponents windpipe and shake him in the air until he went limp.


Fireonpoopdick t1_j96w1ev wrote

That's kind of terrifying tho, just pick him up strangle them a little bit and then toss them down once they're limp. Brutal Mr president.


Thatparkjobin7A t1_j96wra0 wrote

Once he was sure they were dead he released his grip and allowed the body to crumple lifelessly to the floor of whatever wilderness setting these matches occurred


g0ku t1_j96yeco wrote

abe using his combined height and strength to strangle his opponents off the ground is such a terrifying thought. no wonder so many people were so intimidated of him lmfao.


Thatparkjobin7A t1_j970b6f wrote

That and he would growl wordlessly through his teeth. So loudly, in fact, that the birds would go silent for hours afterwards


Kilmire t1_j97voqm wrote

He once ripped a man in half, from skull to groin, and exploded his still beating heart with a single glance. He was quite embarrassed, as he didn't mean to; but the man was a slaver so it was a net positive overall.