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illegible t1_j98az7n wrote

I had never been taught about the Tulsa race riots until i learned about them here on reddit. On top of that, 'race riots' makes it sound like black people rioting, rather than the white people rioting and killing black people, just another subtle white washing.


ricottapie t1_j99212u wrote

I'm Canadian, and I only learned about them a year or two ago.


wilde_man t1_j99fz1o wrote

That would make sense, seeing as you live in Canada.


ricottapie t1_j9b5j3k wrote

Yeah, but with our exposure to American and international media and history being as high as it is, you'd think that it would've come up before. At the same time, a lot of Canadians were, and remain, woefully (maybe wilfully!) unaware of some our own history, so...

But I know now.


Regretful_pie_23 t1_j9a96gr wrote

I live in Washington state and they went over Tulsa a few times while I was in high school. I graduated in 2018