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Cleistheknees t1_j9s1g9t wrote

Anyone is welcome to argue whatever point they’d like.

In this context, large ungulates = hippopotamus, bison, elephants, rhinoceros, large boars, etc, because the actual animals in this discussion are generally extinct Pleistocene megafauna, not white tailed deer, which I agree are not difficult at all to drop in one shot for an experience or lucky hunter. The ambiguity here is probably because “large ungulate” means something different to me as an evolutionary biologist than it does to hunters. I hunt, but I wouldn’t really call myself “a hunter”, if that makes sense.

> If something sharp passes through the lungs or heart of a large ungulate like elk or moose, then they tend to die rapidly.

Rapidly seems kinda relative. I’ve double lung punched a prairie elk and had to go over two kilometers to get it.


eMPereb t1_j9s6g72 wrote

Hmmm… But the “point” is the “point?”