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SpockData t1_jann7zd wrote

It's fascinating to see how modern technology is allowing us to peer inside ancient structures without damaging them. I can't wait to see what else the Scan Pyramids project uncovers.


dubCeption t1_janmibf wrote

So when are we going to stop calling it a "burial chamber".


ncminns t1_jasg4tj wrote

Instead of..?


dubCeption t1_jaw53jd wrote

Chamber, hall, battery, fission chamber, aquifer, reactor. At this point it seems silly that an ancient, intellectual society that used electricity would create a useless void for fun.


ncminns t1_jax8uhh wrote

Lol, it’s all stone, absolutely zero evidence of any kind of electrical technology


dubCeption t1_jaxu823 wrote

The absence of evidence is evidence itself. How did they illuminate the complete darkness of the corridors without leaving any trace of carbon residue?


ncminns t1_jay51b4 wrote

They used mirrors, we know that 🙄


shottylaw t1_jap1tx4 wrote

Can't wait until they apply this tech to previously unexamined sites, like the full Terracotta Army site


TexehCtpaxa t1_janvx33 wrote

I was here a few days ago, when did they discover this?


marketrent t1_jatjqu6 wrote

The press conference was about further study of a corridor discovered ca. 2016.

From the linked Reuters content:^1

>A hidden corridor nine metres (30 feet) long has been discovered close to the main entrance of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza, and this could lead to further findings, Egyptian antiquities officials said on Thursday.

According to the research article^2 published 2 Mar. 2023 in Nature Communications:

>In 2016 and 2017, the ScanPyramids team reported on several discoveries of previously unknown voids by cosmic-ray muon radiography that is a non-destructive technique ideal for the investigation of large-scale structures.

>Among these discoveries, a corridor-shaped structure has been observed behind the so-called Chevron zone on the North face, with a length of at least 5 meters.

Emphasis added.

^1, last updated 3 Mar. 2023 7:04 AM UTC, retrieved 3 Mar. 2023 11:29 PM UTC

^2 Procureur, S., Morishima, K., Kuno, M. et al. Precise characterization of a corridor-shaped structure in Khufu’s Pyramid by observation of cosmic-ray muons. Nature Communications 14, 1144 (2023).

ETA: annotations.


marketrent t1_jatkudc wrote

(Reuters content last updated 3 Mar. 2023 7:04 AM UTC, retrieved 3 Mar. 2023 11:29 PM UTC)


UsefulDrake t1_jaqf901 wrote

This is very exciting! Is the corridor a dead end? Could it be only a relieving chamber? Are there any more photos, I can't find any.

It has been known since 2017 that there are voids in the Pyramid, and this was one of them. It will be exciting to see what is the big void on top of the grand gallery. Or is this tunnel connects to it. Or if they can get more evidence of the theorized internal ramp!