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Jazzlike-Equipment45 t1_jap25m4 wrote

Yeah idk why people would think that. I remember reading a discription of a father playing with his daughter and how happy they were, I believe it was from the HRE. The concept that people ignored their children is asanine and ignorant.


mancala33 t1_jap7yri wrote

Seriously... It's pretty instinctive and is a big part of why humans developed so much faster than other species.


Jazzlike-Equipment45 t1_japftkt wrote

Exactly we can look at historical record to reveal (no shock) that parents usually loved their children. Play and teaching although not formal was important to parents and kids.


Kris_n t1_jartent wrote

I think it is in the same league as those who have think that people in the past were straight up dumb. This, because they didn’t understand science and thought religion was the answer to all.

It is pretty ignorant and doesn’t really answer why these “dumbasses” could build towers, bridges, castles and invent things such as water or windmills.


Clio90808 t1_jaru8k4 wrote

There was a very influential book published in 1960, Centuries of Childhood by Philippe Aries, that promoted the thesis that the idea of childhood and the focus of the parents on their children was a very modern development. See Wikipedia link. This thesis has been debunked but held sway in historical circles for a significant period of time.


War_Hymn t1_jatydnc wrote

>The concept that people ignored their children is asanine and ignorant.

It seems to be a culture thing in certain parts of the world. My East Asian in-laws insist that children should be given as little attention as possible so that they wouldn't grow up "dependent" and weak. Came to a point where I got reprimanded for carrying my infant daughter around when I went to visit them.


Jazzlike-Equipment45 t1_jatzfs7 wrote

See when I looked into this while I was in High School it was seen as apart of a Confusian way of teaching, am I wrong or am I missing something?


War_Hymn t1_jauq6d4 wrote

Could be, I'm not much of an expert on Confucianism.