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Da_Iron_Lung t1_jbbr1gf wrote

Imagine all the stuff still under sand that we don't even know about.. It blows my mind to think of the lost cities below the sand


dtr1002 t1_jbcdh9k wrote

Let alone all the formerly coastal stuff lost after sea level rise.


sokoe t1_jbc32f6 wrote

You know about the Khufu ship? They found it in 1954 in a pit at the foot of the great pyramid,31.134444&q=Khufu%20ship


mateww t1_jbc6fs5 wrote

Must be that alien ship they used to build them.

But seriously, first hearing of this. Got to do some researching


Myfourcats1 t1_jbe08ib wrote

Not just in Egypt too. What happened to Punt? How about the Kushites? These were powerful people who traded with and fought with Egypt. We’ve got some stuff in Sudan and Somalia but how much more is out there?


arnold001 t1_jbeiarv wrote

What I cannot understand is how is it possible they are burried?! I mean, if continents move or if there are sudden earthquakes or floods then ok sure, like there are some things that are in the sea. But so so many artefacts seem to just have been burried.


panckage t1_jbh9gta wrote

People generally live in flood pains (where rivers meet the ocean). These rivers bring in silt and things eventually get buried over long periods of time. Just like lakes eventually fill up with silt and become land again.

In the end it is just high parts of the Earth (eg mountains) eroding and the silt piles up in the lower places... Making high places lower and lower places higher


egg_static5 OP t1_jb9sdbe wrote

Emperor Claudius, whom archaeologists believe the statue's smiling features may belong to, extended Roman rule into North Africa between 41 and 54 AD.


CountAurelian t1_jbbdrkn wrote

Am I misreading this? The Romans had been in North Africa since the Punic Wars. Literally the most famous era of Roman history ends with dominion over Egypt years before Claudius.


NuffNuffNuff t1_jbbgjz2 wrote

It's worded incorectly, he extended Roman rule IN North Africa, not INTO North Africa. (He annexed Mauretania)


lawyerjsd t1_jbczqir wrote

Neat fact: Egypt was the personal property of the Roman emperor. Not part of Rome, but his personal property.


DaddyCatALSO t1_jbd0fr8 wrote

The governor of egypt had a unique title, not one of the other two used elsewhere in the empire


rtb001 t1_jbeo96z wrote

I believe the governor had to be of equestrian real, because the emperor didn't want a senator to oversee Egypt and potentially build a power base there.

Supposedly senators were not even allowed to VISIT Egypt, let alone govern it, such was its importance.


B1ueEyesWh1teDragon t1_jbestvi wrote

If I recall correctly from the History of Rome podcast, Egypt was the richest Roman province and also supplied a majority of the food to the empire as well. So it makes perfect sense to not have a third party like a senator govern it if you’re the emperor. That’s begging for rebellion.


rtb001 t1_jbf181l wrote

It wasn't just Egypt, although Egypt was particularly key to the Emperor. Most Roman provinces were also not given to the senate to appoint a governor. Only a small subset of centrally located provinces along Italy itself and the Mediterranean were called "senatorial provinces". The key frontier provinces, where most of the troops are (Britain, Danube, Rhine, Syria etc) were imperial provinces, where the Emperor directly appointed governors, again to make sure only the people he trusts are given military commands.


Welshhoppo t1_jbesyhw wrote

That's because the last time a senator was in Egypt. That was Mark Antony.

We think it's one of the reasons Germanicus was done in by Tiberius. Because he was a popular senator who went to Egypt without permission.


rtb001 t1_jbf3uj2 wrote

Although if Tiberius really did assassinate Germanicus, he would have done it whether Germanicus set foot in Egypt or not. Not only was Germanicus more popular than Tiberius's own son Drusus, he also has closer bloodline to Augustus himself, being the grandson of Augustus' sister Octavia.


Welshhoppo t1_jbfata4 wrote

Considering how little Tiberius seems to have wanted to be Emperor, I put the entire blame of his death on Piso.


ExRockstar t1_jbbs9nf wrote

It's from the 6,000 year old Giza gift shop


Stock_Regular8696 t1_jbcrpxp wrote

I am still waiting for the Star Gate to be uncovered.


FluphyBunny t1_jbez6i3 wrote

Just go on Facebook. Some nutters think it already has 😁


DocMcCall t1_jbd3k5w wrote

Boy, just can't get an intact nose on one of those


Raiden115X t1_jbc5nf2 wrote

And the nose was also damaged coincidentally?


dragowall t1_jbcbukg wrote

Almost as if small parts or arms that stick out are more prone to be damaged...Really makes you think...


panckage t1_jbha89e wrote

Partly but much is historical vandalism. If the new emperor didn't like the previous emperor, they often had their likenesses smashed.


dragowall t1_jbhky3p wrote

Completely forgot that the romans would ofen destroy the noses, would make sense if it is actually representing Claudius. But yeah, could be any of them, wear and tear from time/location it was buried or because it was Claudius


VK4LOL t1_jbd017h wrote

Anyone else see an uncanny resemblance to Micheal Jackson??


TylerDurden626 t1_jbcikfj wrote

That’s usually what happens when you don’t build part of a structure well enough.


Bluedev7 t1_jbdk4uk wrote

Yep just like the others. They "accidentally" were broken or damaged when the Europeans were trying to fill their museums


3ayzamout t1_jbcacfc wrote

get out of here afrocentrist


Raiden115X t1_jbct0o0 wrote

I don't know what that is.


3ayzamout t1_jbehocs wrote

what are you implying that the nose was damaged? whenever someone says that they usually claim that these people werent our ancestors and we broke it to hide that they were african


Raiden115X t1_jbejkcy wrote

As an Irish Mexican descendant, born in California, raised in Texas, I have never heard such a theory. I just thought it seemed odd that most sphinx noses are usually damaged.

When you say "our ancestors", I don't know who you're referring to. I think you might be assuming I know far more about you than is possible from your immediately defensive remark.


3ayzamout t1_jbelu1l wrote

oh okay sorry for assuming its just i hear this alot ftom afrocentrists and they get on my nerves and by our ancestors i obv mean ancient egyptians cuz im egyptian and thats what the post is about


SupLord t1_jbdna79 wrote

If anyones wondering why so many discoveries lately, the whole country is under construction building their new capital. I’ve never seen so much construction in my life.


Whole_Skill_259 t1_jbd9z2q wrote

What were these most of these statues that have been buried made out of? To have something last this long is amazing


Lurker_IV t1_jbcrg1x wrote

I don't see any water weathering on that sphinx enclosure. That disproves all the sphinx is super old theories!



CCHS_Band_Geek t1_jbd7bmf wrote

This is obviously a shady move by Big Ant to cover up their HQs. I’m not buyin it.


FluphyBunny t1_jbezjwd wrote

Oh wow I have had conversations with people like that. Archaeology and even geology are witchcraft to them !


Potato128 t1_jbd4tqs wrote

Last Weekend, I saw a few archaeologists in the high street brushing sand off their statues too.............this is Egyypt Government PR to entice (lure) Tourist to visit.....

Who do they think they're trying to kid ?


Smrtihara t1_jbfsi2k wrote

Did.. you just send me to yahoo news..?


truteamplaya t1_jbdfskb wrote

Even the U.S. Census Bureau doesn’t count Egypt as an African (Melanated People) any longer smdh