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Raiden115X t1_jbc5nf2 wrote

And the nose was also damaged coincidentally?


dragowall t1_jbcbukg wrote

Almost as if small parts or arms that stick out are more prone to be damaged...Really makes you think...


panckage t1_jbha89e wrote

Partly but much is historical vandalism. If the new emperor didn't like the previous emperor, they often had their likenesses smashed.


dragowall t1_jbhky3p wrote

Completely forgot that the romans would ofen destroy the noses, would make sense if it is actually representing Claudius. But yeah, could be any of them, wear and tear from time/location it was buried or because it was Claudius


VK4LOL t1_jbd017h wrote

Anyone else see an uncanny resemblance to Micheal Jackson??


TylerDurden626 t1_jbcikfj wrote

That’s usually what happens when you don’t build part of a structure well enough.


Bluedev7 t1_jbdk4uk wrote

Yep just like the others. They "accidentally" were broken or damaged when the Europeans were trying to fill their museums


3ayzamout t1_jbcacfc wrote

get out of here afrocentrist


Raiden115X t1_jbct0o0 wrote

I don't know what that is.


3ayzamout t1_jbehocs wrote

what are you implying that the nose was damaged? whenever someone says that they usually claim that these people werent our ancestors and we broke it to hide that they were african


Raiden115X t1_jbejkcy wrote

As an Irish Mexican descendant, born in California, raised in Texas, I have never heard such a theory. I just thought it seemed odd that most sphinx noses are usually damaged.

When you say "our ancestors", I don't know who you're referring to. I think you might be assuming I know far more about you than is possible from your immediately defensive remark.


3ayzamout t1_jbelu1l wrote

oh okay sorry for assuming its just i hear this alot ftom afrocentrists and they get on my nerves and by our ancestors i obv mean ancient egyptians cuz im egyptian and thats what the post is about