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SquatAngry t1_jbnnb4v wrote

Thanks for doing that :)

It's a nicely written article, enjoyed reading it.

At the risk of sounding like a Pedant, do you know why the names Conwy and Conway exist?


ReelBigMidget t1_jbpfd2f wrote

They are both Anglicised version of the old Welsh name for the river, Cynwy. Conway was dropped for the more Welsh-looking Conwy.


grambell789 t1_jbo0fz1 wrote

I've been working on a map of western architecture for a while. I've noticed strange names for many of the places and wondered about it, then realized much of it started before the birth of nations, provinces and all that government stuff so they had to make place names unique so there wasn't confusion over places named the same things. or thats the theory I'm going with for now. also there are starting up a couple yt channels where they explore castles with drones which is a great way to see them.


Jocko77 t1_jbo2v7x wrote

It's just Welsh Vs English


grambell789 t1_jbo4361 wrote

they still are going to keep their names differernt from english. But weren't those castles built specifically by the English to annex Wales?


CanuckPanda t1_jbp82uo wrote

Conwy specifically was, yes. There were some pre-existing castles in Wales prior to Edward I's conquest, but I believe they were all built after the Norman invasion to secure the Welsh border. Off the top of my head Castell Coch and Cardiff are both Norman castles.


Secure-Barracuda t1_jbqlkx2 wrote

Wales has a lot of castles. Like you say there’s the Norman and Edwardian ones but also castles built by the native Welsh Princes.