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Spineynorman67 t1_jbz40bw wrote

Given that the USA has a long history of mentally unstable, gun wielding murderers, is it possible that LH Oswald was in fact a gun nut who managed to kill JFK alone?


jezreelite t1_jbzapdc wrote

It's actually one of the more plausible theories. Oswald was a disturbed ne'er-do-well who seems to have been hungry for attention any way he could get it. He initially wanted to kill the ultra right wing general Edwin Walker, but failed and later just happened to be living in Dallas when JFK visited.

Narratively, though, this isn't satisfying, which is a big reason, I think, why the conspiracies continue to flourish.


MeatballDom t1_jbzlhxl wrote

It's the only acceptable explanation. Even his wife was sure of it too until she realised she could make money off of conspiracy nuts.


phillipgoodrich t1_jbzzzhq wrote

Agree with all. The guy was a sniper trained by the US military; no surprise that he knew how to use a rifle with a sight.