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shantipole t1_jcmk8av wrote

You oversimplified Herod and his relationship with the Jews right into inaccuracy.

The entire point of Herod renovating the Second Temple (built by Ezra, et al after the Baylonian Captivity--Solomon's Temple was destroyed) was to curry favor with the Jews by the raised Jewish and quarter-Jewish by blood but not considered a "real" Jew by hardliners Herod and solidify his power base. He was polishing his jewish bona fides.

He needed to keep the local populace quiet to keep his kingdom. Herod was constantly dealing with the other power cliques in Judea and Rome (look up his mother in law--you think you have it bad?) and was one good rebellion away from Octavius/Augustus deciding that someone else would be a better ruler of a fairly important border state, or at least less of a headache. Dude is not going to go and build a fake Temple on the site of the real Temple--that's what decided the Jews on overthrowing the king in that rather famous Maccabeean incident and would guarantee Rome would find someone better.

And the Essenes...that's like asking the Latter Day Saints their opinion of the Pope. The Essenes were a large sect, but they weren't exactly orthodox in their doctrine (to continue the analogy: it's asking hippy commune Mormons about the Pope). The fact is that the majority of the Jews (including the Maccabeeans, the two mainstream Jewish sects, and that Jesus guy and his followers) thought the Temple was the Temple, regardless of the rebuilding, so long as the proper rituals had been observed to consecrate it, etc.