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kratos2025 OP t1_jcj0rc9 wrote

How accurate is this reconstructed ancient naval ram?!


MeatballDom t1_jcj43bd wrote

He's basing it off the ones found near the Aegates and you can see some photos of the ones they've found there to compare.

Edit: note that only the metal survives, so there's still a lot of unanswered questions.


lovebus t1_jck3x3z wrote

What unexplained questions? It seems pretty self explanatory to me


Phormitago t1_jckhy8k wrote

Well, as for the obvious first one: "how do we attach this to the bow of a ship so that it doesnt fall off when a wave hits it?"


fleebleganger t1_jclgyak wrote

Ensure the wood is dry, get a tight fit and then launch the ship. Give it a week or so and wood will swell and the metal bits might as well be welded onto the wood.

For extra fun maybe wrap a rope around it. Looking at the bits that are left over I’m not sure it’s much of a mystery. Wouldn’t be 100% certain but those 4 open bits seem to be the mortises for the wood to fit in.

Edit: saw other pictures below, looks like there’s a mortise in the other side, same deal just my 4 open bits comment is wrong.


Archmagnance1 t1_jckk4il wrote

How they attached it is a bit question.

Was it meant to stay attached after ramming? Was it a one time use and acceptable to come off after impact? Was it meant to stay on but acceptable if it broke off?


seakingsoyuz t1_jckt1yn wrote

That probably depends on how skilled the ship’s helmsman is /s