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_PM_Me_Game_Keys_ t1_jcmpx2g wrote

Are artifacts not of much monetary value because there are so many? Like why not dig around or just not worth the effort.


Tobacco_Bhaji t1_jcmqoqk wrote

If you find something like this, it belongs to the state. You only get compensated on a strict schedule. The monetary value might very well be high, but there's nobody to sell it to other than the state ... who can only give you a fixed rate.


AnArgonianSpellsword t1_jcogm2s wrote

Well it depends on a lot of factors. For roman mosaics they were an expression of wealth, with wealthier individuals having both more of them and better quality ones. It's estimated that about 2000 were made in just the UK, of which 150 have been found. They're also difficult to move, as it's an entire concrete floor with the tiny coloured tiles stuck into it.