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SpecialpOps t1_jcmr19i wrote

That makes a lot of sense, thank you for taking the time to explain a bit about it. When I was younger, and my parents moved into what became their permanent home, it was on grounds that American Civil War was fought on.

People would dig for your gardens and find Civil War bullets and other artifacts that had just been strewn about the woods the neighborhood was built in.

I am a big fan of preserving the past, so it’s great that those sites are going to exist as they were left by previous cultures.


fonefreek t1_jcoggco wrote

Was it haunted?


SpecialpOps t1_jcohh6f wrote

That would have been really cool if there where interesting things happening but it was just a regular, old house.


WhoIsMauriceBishop t1_jcomc02 wrote

Couldn't help but notice you didn't exactly answer the question...

Why are you hoarding the ghosts?


SpecialpOps t1_jcoo14x wrote

Nothing to see here. Just move along…

(continues to play backgammon and drink bourbon with Civil War ghosts)


SeenSoFar t1_jcr5lpp wrote

What does a drunken ghost fight look like?