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AlanMercer t1_jdl23iw wrote

If I'm reading this correctly, would the correct translation of "antiskios" be "counter shadow" or should it be something less literal like "before shadow" or "against shadow"? In other words "the angle that precedes before the shadow."

In any case, this was a fantastic read. It is difficult to imagine the different planes of an armilary sphere, but the text is bracingly clear.


ultralightdude t1_jdmehot wrote

In "antiscia", Ptolemy used it as meaning "opposite of" when referring to constellations. This same use would probably mean "opposite of the shadow".


thedrew t1_jdmndhx wrote

I would translate as light source. Literally anti-shadow.


ArielSpeedwagon t1_jdm8coy wrote

An amazing article that gives the reader a glance at a whole world of scholarship.