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sfzombie13 t1_jdsq0vh wrote

must be a stock picture. either that or they have different definitions of words like skulls and mummies. those are skulls, not mummies.


johnn48 t1_jdswkj9 wrote

I was wondering what the difference was between mummified sheep heads and skulls, cause those looked like normal sheep skulls. Then I thought perhaps my phone wasn’t able to discern enough details to make the mummification visible.


cargo_run_rust OP t1_jdt84y6 wrote

The early kingdom mummies were also buried in the sand and burial pits (without tombs).

The preservation of skulls over 2000 plus years could be hard if not mummified


Orion14159 t1_jdtq06c wrote

I dunno, I think the safe bet is a count to see if this is really over 200 sheep. That would be solid evidence that it's the real thing.

I'll go get started on that


zer0kevin t1_jdtmgt7 wrote

Looks like the rest of their bodies are not unearthed yet.