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otackle72 t1_jdsg9en wrote

You have to practice on something I guess


DontBeADramaLlama t1_jdsmam5 wrote

Egyptians used to mummify everything. I’ve read about massive cat cemeteries. Mummified Ibis have been found. I think dogs - it wasn’t just for pharaohs!


herrcollin t1_jdsunim wrote

What good is there to being reborn in the afterlife if you can't bring your cat or dog with you :)


YenTheMerchant t1_jdtnsz9 wrote

Or 2000 sheep's head!


Docoe t1_jdtprqz wrote

Well hey, when I get to the afterlife, I'm going to need some things to redecorate


theunscaledbanana t1_jdutbtj wrote

Snacks. You are going to need snacks. 2000 sheep heads will keep you going for a while.


ambient_whooshing t1_jdu1vbg wrote

Yeah, but the 2001 model had the updated styling.


diuturnal t1_jdue9je wrote

I prefer the styling of the 1990 model. But I can't deny that the new lungs in the 01 model breathed so much better than the older ones.


-Badger2- t1_jdvmy7k wrote

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."


cargo_run_rust OP t1_jdt72e1 wrote

Yes. That right. One such large animal tomb is called the Serapeum and it is located 40kilometers south of Cairo. It's near the Step pyramid.


Docoe t1_jdtpuf7 wrote

What are you doing, step pyramid?


Wagosh t1_jdtqi0d wrote

Playing with the dog, it won't be long.


Clean-Parsley-5739 t1_jdttnut wrote

Herodotus had this to say of Egypt in book 2 chapter 67 of his histories
Dead cats are taken away to sacred buildings in the town of Bubastis, where they are embalmed and buried; female dogs are buried by the townsfolk in their own towns in sacred coffins; and the like is done with mongooses. Shrewmice and hawks are taken away to Buto, ibises to the city of Hermes. 2.67.2 There are few bears, and the wolves are little bigger than foxes; both these are buried wherever they are found lying.


cargo_run_rust OP t1_jdu5kx7 wrote

>Dead cats are taken away to sacred buildings in the town of Bubastis, where they are embalmed and buried; female dogs are buried by the townsfolk in their own towns in sacred coffins; and the like is done with mongooses. Shrewmice and hawks are take

Interesting. Never knew about Bubastis when I visited Egypt. Thought that Serapeum of Saqqara was the largets animal tomb,.
Did Herodotus mention why this was done?


-_---------------- t1_jdu7ewt wrote

Also immediately thought of this part. I remember translating this in my second to final year of high school in Greek class.


DaddyCatALSO t1_jdu2hzn wrote

Animal mummies wer eonce so common they were used as freitlizer and fuel


Some_Intention t1_jduaohm wrote

Mummies were so common they were used to make paint. The last of it being made in the 60s-ish with the owner of the company saying "I might have an arm or a leg around here to make a little more, but I'm out of supplies".


HistoryDogs t1_jdu3oot wrote

Hey bud, I think you’ve got your technique down.

Hmmm, I think I’m gonna mummify another thousand sheep heads. Just to be sure.


sdasu t1_jdyplpk wrote

That’s how pickle recipe evolved


ZDTreefur t1_jdstzn6 wrote

How are we still finding significant and large things like this?


paulyester t1_jdsx2mf wrote

Everything slowly gets covered by sand and soil. Now we have new technology such as LiDAR aerial imagery to mass scan giant tracks of land from a plane. There have been many discoveries made by people simply zooming into google earth and noticing a building footprint lol.


4chams t1_jdt3eg7 wrote

Majority of ancient Egypt is covered by sand. The government gets to decide who can and cannot dig and where.


[deleted] t1_jdudo80 wrote

This, imagine what we will find if they let archaeologists dig near the sphinx and the great pyramid. I went to hercolaneum years ago and they have mapped an entire city with lidar but they cannot dig it up because of the houses built on top of it.


cargo_run_rust OP t1_jdt68cq wrote

There is recent funding to excavate more places, like it was not available before.

Egypt is full of mystery and history, and as long as the projects are well funded new discoveries will be happening.


brookepride t1_jdu34qw wrote

Egypt is 5000+ years old. We lose where stuff used to be hundreds of years ago. Plus they were trying to hide stuff from grave robbers sometimes


vee_lan_cleef t1_jdttxfl wrote

Read about Saqqara or watch the recent documentary about it if you want to see some of the most recent large discoveries. It is likely there are many more significant tombs that have yet to be discovered.


hungrypuca t1_jduf6yj wrote

What if we found everything decades ago but they are on a timer to release so everyone stays intrigued.


Chrisjamesmc t1_jdutxdm wrote

It’s amazing isn’t it? And it’s not just small things. Every so often you hear about colossal statues getting dug up in Cairo suburbs or from under riverbeds.


sfzombie13 t1_jdsq0vh wrote

must be a stock picture. either that or they have different definitions of words like skulls and mummies. those are skulls, not mummies.


johnn48 t1_jdswkj9 wrote

I was wondering what the difference was between mummified sheep heads and skulls, cause those looked like normal sheep skulls. Then I thought perhaps my phone wasn’t able to discern enough details to make the mummification visible.


cargo_run_rust OP t1_jdt84y6 wrote

The early kingdom mummies were also buried in the sand and burial pits (without tombs).

The preservation of skulls over 2000 plus years could be hard if not mummified


Orion14159 t1_jdtq06c wrote

I dunno, I think the safe bet is a count to see if this is really over 200 sheep. That would be solid evidence that it's the real thing.

I'll go get started on that


zer0kevin t1_jdtmgt7 wrote

Looks like the rest of their bodies are not unearthed yet.


Hushwater t1_jdulmar wrote

If an important figure requested to be buried with two thousand heads of sheep, if I was the mummists it would be easier to mummify literally just the heads. Imagine in the afterlife they are sitting there with 2000 sheep heads and just face palm because they took the instruction literally. Joking of coarse, I have the utmost respect for ancient culture.


NotDiCaprio t1_jduy4df wrote

Who counted 2000 sheep without falling asleep?

That's mind-blowingly impressive.


WaycoKid1129 t1_jdtpfpu wrote

“And I want all sheep heads in the kingdom next to me.” -rich dead guy


Orion14159 t1_jdtpodk wrote

What if these were for a cookout and they just forgot them?


Kapalaka t1_jdt9bsc wrote

Honestly, seeing it all laid out like that is so beautiful. There is something hauntingly beautiful about it.


yubioh t1_jdtu240 wrote

I wonder if the mummification service was by subscription plan, and your animal package was part of the premium


Bick7198Dutt t1_jdvlt2k wrote

I wonder if there's a mummified sheep dog? If there is the doggo did a great job keeping them in one spot for so long!


DATY4944 t1_jdu2lnx wrote

I had no idea sheep had some mental horns.


Bennehftw t1_jdu9cer wrote

Why couldn’t they be dry aged lamb chops instead.


kynthrus t1_jdub39q wrote

How do we know this is a temple and not like a medical school? Where the sheep were used for practice/research?


5orangelemons t1_jdv7lku wrote

We found a 4,000 year old, 16 foot thick walled temple. We found papyrus in it. Here's a picture of sheep heads? Nothing has been translated, I guess? I'd love to learn as much context as possible.


crunchyfrog555 t1_je16h09 wrote

Not really. We are ON the ground, so mapping it out isn't that hard. We knew for hundreds of years about putting an iron pin in water gave us a compass, so mapping using that alone is relatively easy.