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Jihadi_Penguin t1_je7lu98 wrote

Did the reich have a good relationship with anything?


zachary0816 t1_je7n33u wrote

Believe it or not, cigarettes. They had some anti-smoking campaigns to try to convince people to quit them.

Though they did also have some pro-pervitin campaigns which was basically just meth so I ain’t exactly giving them too much credit on that front either.


noodlesoupstrainer t1_je7onpl wrote

Lol, "Cigarettes are bad for you, smoke meth!" It's like an ad campaign from [Crazy People]( : Crazy People


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messageinabubble t1_je7s0y7 wrote

That is blast from the past. Haven’t thought of that movie in over a decade. Underappreciated


DCDHermes t1_je7xeba wrote

No, Blast From the Past is a 90’s comedy staring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone.


google257 t1_je9z845 wrote

They weren’t smoking it. They would give it to them orally in chocolates or tablets. And all major powers were giving their soldiers stimulants.


Cetun t1_je89rft wrote

Everyone took amphetamine salts, you could buy it over the counter in the US up until the 70s.

This is a common reddit trope because one guy wrote a book about amphetamine use in the German army and claimed that's how they beat France. Literally that's about the only source for "widespread" use of amphetamines by the German army. The book has been roundly criticized by historians as sensational and dubious, has been criticized by addiction advocates as characterizing drug addiction as "bad because Nazis are addicts", and has been criticized by anti-nazis as unnecessary because Nazis were bad on their own, being addicted to drugs isn't the bad thing about them.


zezxz t1_je8r5xw wrote

Yeah but that everyone includes Germans too. Amphetamines are generally steroids on the battlefield, and that’s not a concern during war. The premise of the drugs helping Nazis push through against France makes perfect sense but I’ve never heard it called anything more than just that: an aid


MaxDickpower t1_je8vsnn wrote

It does not make perfect sense. Having your soldiers addicted to meth and crashing hard after the meth wears off is not conducive to effective warfare.


yawningangel t1_je97nfs wrote

You do realise that USAF pilots were using "pep" pills during the first gulf war?

[Of pilots who were surveyed, 65% used amphetamines during the deployment to the SWA AOR and/or during Operation Desert Storm. Pilots who used amphetamines in air operations described it as "occasional." The most frequent indications for amphetamine use were "aircrew fatigue" and "mission type." Of pilots who used amphetamines, 58-61% considered their use beneficial or essential to operations. ] (

You think the were more restrained in the 30's?


zezxz t1_jed9y3h wrote

Why doesn’t it make sense?If you’re throwing out troops to slaughter I don’t see what advantage there would be from throwing out sober sacrifices


badpeaches t1_je7xu58 wrote

Which is weird, when Berlin fell cigarettes were considered a form of money along with chocolate and a few other "unwholesome" concepts.


TheAleFly t1_jeb5cw4 wrote

Didn't Hitler also encourage people to go vegetarian?


ovensandhoes t1_je9yjaq wrote

If he nazis didn’t like cigarettes wouldn’t that mean they had a bad relationship with cigarettes too?


piratamaia t1_je7u6so wrote

Animal rights and ecology

List is over


T1N7 t1_je8p0wy wrote

Well I wouldn't be so sure about these two things either....

Hitler killed his own dog to test his suicide pill, the logistical backbone of the Wehrmacht was based on horses and the ecology wasn't that important, when you had to produce weapons.


Chikorita_banana t1_je93fp3 wrote

Yeah and putting aside for a moment my disgust at their existence due to the myriad of other reasons, all those mass graves can't be good for the drinking water supply; PAHs, dioxins, nitrates, pathogens, and many other hazardous substances and intermediates concentrated into large areas percolating into the groundwater over time could lead to serious ecological and public health issues.


Javaddict t1_je7ycz3 wrote

cancer research, lots of work done relating to cancer causes such as coal tar distillates, carcinogenic food dyes and stuff like that


DarkImpacT213 t1_je84psc wrote

Anti-smoking campaigns, „improving“ infrastructure throughout Germany (definetly just for the benefit of the German population, right?), building railways in occupied areas (well, we are not talking about the purpose of the railways… but they were helpful after the war!), being a forerunner in banning experiments on animals (…we arent talking about the substitute test subjects though, its better that way)… oh and also Muslims.

So realistically… no, not really.


FinanceGuyHere t1_je7o2tw wrote

I hear the Autobahn is nice


DarkImpacT213 t1_je84wto wrote

The first Autobahn was opened in 1926, 7 years before Hitlers rise to power.


Sith-Protagonist t1_je8i1g4 wrote

And it went nowhere and the project was abandoned from lack of money and support until 1933.


TavisNamara t1_je9w0ar wrote

It's really not. Car centric society is actively harmful to damn near everyone. If you've got the space and everything needed for a no holds barred high speed nonsense like the Autobahn, you can absolutely build a damn train.


Nixeris t1_je8tnma wrote

Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss, Bayer, American Jim Crow laws, Associated Press, Chase Bank, Fanta (Coke product), Krupp (ThyssenKrupp)...


atlantis_airlines t1_jebvkdu wrote

Animal rights as well as wilderness preservation

Of course being Nazis, they even made botany racist, twisting it so that it aligned and reflect with their concept of superiority.


TheHipcrimeVocab t1_je7rxyz wrote

Cool article. The British controlled Egypt in 1936, so it would be impossible for a massive German excavation to take place just outside of Cairo. But, hey, it's a movie!

I found this odd: "The sadistic Sturmbannführer Arnold Toht (the surname is an Egyptian wink, recalling the name of the scribe god Thot..." First, I've never heard him given a first name, so I don't know where that came from. Second, I'm pretty sure his name is related to the German word for death (e.g. Tohtenkopf; "Death's Head"), not an Egyptian god.

This article talks about how burials in Northern Europe were used for propaganda purposes by the Nazis:

>The ideology of 1930s Germany helped shape scholars’ initial interpretation of the grave. Discovered barely a year and a half after the Nazis took power, politics quickly became enmeshed in the skeleton’s story. Archaeologists were a fundamental part of Adolf Hitler’s nation-building program, which sought to locate physical evidence of the original Aryans, who the Nazis believed were blond-haired and blue-eyed and came from northern Europe. Hoping to support this idea, another archaeologist on the scene—who was a member of the Amt Rosenberg, a cultural policy and surveillance body within the Nazi party—proclaimed the grave that of an ur-Aryan based on the presence of the single stone ax and microliths. “The Nazis thought the burial belonged to a white man from the Neolithic,” says Harald Meller, director of the State Museum of Prehistory, an erroneous and dangerous conclusion that was part of a larger campaign to prove that the German “race” had been in northern Europe for thousands of years.


BishopofHippo93 t1_je7vwvo wrote

There is no h in Totenkopf, the German word for dead is “tot” and Death is “Tod.” The added h could be a reference to Thoth, but I suspect it was not intended.


proposlander t1_je8j337 wrote

What’s interesting about the first and third Indy movies, which have the Nazis as the big bad, is that they have what could be interpreted as subtle digs against certain groups that collaborated with them. In the first movie, you have the French archaeologist which could represent the Vichy, and the Arab informant which could represent some leadership in the Arab world who at times also collaborated (e.g. Grand Mufti of Jerusalem). In the third movie, you had the American business man that collaborated with the Nazis representing the American corporations that had trade relations with them, and those in the US that were sympathetic like Ford/Lindbergh, etc.


Divine_Tiramisu t1_je9430f wrote

Egypt was a protectorate, not a colony of Britain.

The Egyptian royal family became a puppet to the UK after getting into debt while building the Suez Canal.

That's why they leased the canal to the UK for 99 years.

The Nazis would have been free to move about Egypt as they pleased, only seeking permission from the local government.


Private_4160 t1_je8ldpt wrote

I figured Todt, the engineering firm.


outoftimeman t1_je8zzx7 wrote

The Organisation Todt was a state-agency, not a firm. Small nitpick, sorry


Private_4160 t1_je9p2hu wrote

Yeah had no idea what to call them, figured "party construction apparatus" was weird.


Efyrum t1_jeb3cu6 wrote

Just because Egypt was a British protectorate didn’t mean Germans were banned from entry or archaeology. Britain and Germany were pretty friendly in 1936.


quondam47 t1_jebpnj9 wrote

He’s given a first name in the novelisation.


Private_4160 t1_je8lkx7 wrote

Nobody posting the Atun-Shei for this? It's one of his best history rants.


[deleted] t1_je7hkh6 wrote

The nazis were into so many extra curricular activity then just maintaining a healthy society, they should be the poster of why greed and stupidly ruins everything!


LlamarSalai t1_je7jnhh wrote

The way they were running the domestic economy was a) not sustainable and creating huge debt, b) the local economy was reliant on war machine to funnel supplies from the countries they were annexing, and c) they were doing genocide and eugenics to murder MILLIONS of innocent people and funnel their property and use these people as slave labour for the state.

I know you don’t mean bad, I just think there’s a lot more to it than this statement. I hope you have a great day!


Flat_News_2000 t1_je9rt1h wrote

I’m sorry, what are you trying to say? I hope it’s not that the nazis we’re doing things right till they got too greedy


commander_Fox_of_ww2 t1_je8rdy7 wrote

what kinds of things did the reich steal from Egypt? because apparently they took some things with them back to Germany


balbok7721 t1_je9w669 wrote

Well, Berlin got entire gates in one of their museums so there is that


AugustWolf22 t1_jeabb9k wrote

I know that the Berlin Museum still has the bust of Nefertiti, but I'm not 100% sure then they ''acquired'' the bust.


myhihi1 t1_jebmgg1 wrote

It was discovered by a German in 1912 and they had an agreement that they could keep some of the artifacts they found if they divided them with Egypt. So it was acquired legally although Egypt has since claimed that the German archaeologist hid it from them and blames the inspector they hired for not taking it.


Mrgray123 t1_jea0lyg wrote

Unfortunately Egypt’s had a fascination for almost every loony group in the last few centuries.

They can never just appreciate it on its own terms. They always have to insert their own racial/religious/spiritual/political hang ups and obsessions onto it.


boosnie t1_je9oy4h wrote

I thought the bad relationship of the Germans with Egyptology was called Bernard Montgomery 🤭


bewarethetreebadger t1_je9vjo8 wrote

Bad relationship with History, all Archeology, and flat-wrong interpretation of Darwin’s theories.


MeatballDom OP t1_je78mrx wrote

If you get the pop up

>Te damos la bienvenida a EL PAIS Para poder seguir navegando, permite que se te muestren anuncios o, si lo prefieres, suscríbete...

you just need to turn off your adblock for that page then reload. The article is too long to post on its own in the comments, and the ads are not disruptive.


Current_Setting_1249 t1_jefwzlg wrote

It's also worth to note their relationship with Mesopotamia as well