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RyanNerd t1_ir6f689 wrote

Frankly I was disappointed that there are no pics of pigeons wearing Maiden Form bras.


Santasbreastmilk OP t1_ir6i2lj wrote

Sorry for the chick-bait


GrizeldaGrundle t1_ir7hfc8 wrote

Fun fact: Pigeon chicks are actually called “squeakers”


mozzribo t1_ir7nymn wrote

No. They are called squabs.


GrizeldaGrundle t1_ir7q0sf wrote

Not mutually exclusive. They are both terms used to describe Pigeon chicks. Squab refers to an earlier phase of development. They progress into squeakers.


slimfaydey t1_ir7qrra wrote

Squab refers to pigeon as a meat source, in the same way that beef refers to cow as a meat source.


GrizeldaGrundle t1_ir7tssd wrote

Interesting. I did not know that. Maybe harkens back to the days of Pigeon pie?! 🐦🥧


RSwoon t1_ir8j5m0 wrote

I can attest I was a squeaker who hit puberty and then squabbed.


Catatonic27 t1_ir7hsx7 wrote

Yeah I feel like if you write an article titled "Back When Pigeons Wore Bras" and don't include a single image of a busty pigeon, you should get your writer license suspended for at least a year.


NoSpotofGround t1_ir9egn4 wrote

This sounds like an overused Reddit joke, but there's a pigeon wearing a vest/bra right under the semi-naked woman right at the top of the article.

(I missed it too at first.)


Just1ntransit t1_ir89f0w wrote

This comment told me everything I needed to know. I'll see myself out


Platypuslord t1_ir8soa4 wrote

Yeah well it is because if you see the pigeon you realize it isn't a bra but a vest or a corset.


Xpli t1_ir9qq3p wrote

I’m more surprised there’s no bras, wearing pigeons like the title suggests.


Headjarbear t1_ir6lskg wrote

Can you imagine a pigeons POV of jumping off a plane attached to a soldier, flak exploding everywhere, mg tracers zipping by. Must have been quite a ride.


Emphasis_on_why t1_ir7638z wrote

Pigeon- “So this must be what Red and Yellow meant when they said they got slung towards a bunch of green pigs in a fort


FunnyPhrases t1_ir8a0ni wrote

Umm... the pigs got flung at pigeons. Rewriting history much??


cheeky_nectaRine t1_ir7dya9 wrote

I’m laughing so hard imagining a pigeon strapped to a free-falling paratrooper 😭


ideonode t1_ir6rffu wrote

Pigeons did actually contribute to the Allied war effort. There is a recent book called *Secret Pigeon Service * by Gordon Corera which is about the use of carrier pigeons to smuggle messages from the French Resistance.


Hughgurgle t1_ir77vfq wrote

I was really confused by this comment until I realized I was not in r/military_pigeons


Harsimaja t1_ir8m3z0 wrote

There was a silly CGI movie about one called Valiant, too.


u9Nails t1_ir6j2j5 wrote

History is full of tiny details that sound so bizarre today.


hellcat_uk t1_ir6hach wrote

One of the rooms at Bletchley Park is currently dedicated to the pigeons of war. Worth a look if you're in the area.


Plusran t1_ir7axkb wrote

I couldn’t figure out why paratroopers needed to have pigeons deliver bras to them.

“General sir! They’re gaining the upper hand on that ledge. Permission to wear this bra while we launch counter attack?”


[deleted] t1_ir7cmtd wrote

relevant oglaf [slightly nsfw]


Plusran t1_ir7djq6 wrote

> relevant oglaf

I feel like this should be a brand new sentence. But somewhere deep in my bowels I know it isn’t.


[deleted] t1_ir7ldib wrote

it definitely isn't, because I post relevant oglaf comics all the time.


dootdootplot t1_ir96c2h wrote

You know Oglaf is pretty consistently funny, I enjoy the running gags and the art style itself and the queer inclusivity of it - but Oglaf is at its best when it’s not just a sexy spoof on sword and sorcery tropes, but also has an absurdist element to it, like this one.


cybercuzco t1_ir6gxdc wrote

But what about pigeons wearing bras? And why would a Bra wear a pigeon? Fashion is weird


Maithius t1_ir7ysdn wrote

And here I thought the only birds that wore bras were boobies


accieTaffy t1_ir7pgkd wrote

Theres a person on tiktok who lives like its ww2 and went to a pub one night. a pigeon got kicked and beaten up by a bunch of drunks and sat on her lap for over 3 hours on the bench outside and wouldnt stop following her.


cathbe t1_ir965la wrote

Is this footage of an injured pigeon? I’d rather avoid that, otherwise it sounds really interesting.


accieTaffy t1_ircfpfh wrote

no it doesnt look injured. you dont see the people beating it either. its just really wholesome.


cathbe t1_ird0hep wrote

Thank you. It’s so sweet!! I’m glad I watched it. I’ve rescued pigeons in the past. Thanks!


fecalpond t1_ir85xv1 wrote

Panty wearing doves tried, but didn't save anyone.


BunchaCreeps t1_ir7ruvj wrote

I thought this was r/brandnewsentence for a second


Kuzuyan t1_ir9762e wrote

It's amazing that such a miscommunication from the British to the Americans worked out in our favor.

"We need birds wearing nothing but bras to help the troops!"


batmonkey7 t1_ir785pu wrote

How does one wear a pigeon? How does a bra wear them?


Lubberworts t1_ir6nyu8 wrote

Are you talking about WACs?


WorthPlease t1_ir9o6v8 wrote

They were just vests, since pigeons don't have breasts.

But "bras" attracts more clicks, I guess.

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