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SLMZ17 t1_it0uga4 wrote

Also the fact that the first two thirds of the inscription are all just qualifiers for the actual info being communicated.

Like if you wrote a two paragraph memo with a monster header that takes up half the page.


DrXaos t1_it0w81o wrote

This is a political advertisement on a construction project: the implication being “we paid for this so be grateful”.

The entire point is promoting the politicians, and the more important they are, the more names they have.

Like Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia airport, with a whole bunch of extra middle names.


clownburner t1_it1fckv wrote

I’m going to need you to use the new cover sheet for your TPS reports..


Tidesticky t1_it1y4ei wrote

Ahhh, remember to attach the new TPS form...and oh yeah, ahhhh, I'll need you to come in on Saturday.


BentPin t1_it2a6hi wrote

After-all the barracks have to be completed on time.


sAindustrian t1_it1vitf wrote

The Roman equivalent of writing with size 18 font, double line spacing, and never abbreviating repeated terms.

Or in other words, how I reached my 2000 word count when doing my high school English study of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.


RelationshipOk3565 t1_it39jxe wrote

Is it just me or does the content of the inscription make this artifact somewhat trivial?


maruffin t1_it2rxcr wrote

Yes. It reminds me of the proclamations that are read at ceremonies. Whereas . . . and whereas . . . and whereas. . .


ecksate t1_it2zstx wrote

Saying emperor is basically the same as saying Caesar, And that's added to the fact that they've appended the name of every mentor they've had onto their name. It's not mostly qualifiers, it's actually mostly names I think. Lol