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gwaydms t1_itacwnq wrote

This is really well done and easy for even me, as a non-geneticist, to follow.


jbryce t1_itau9r8 wrote

I need a video. I just got confused. I read the Romans went all the way left to include GB and I have a Viking disease dupytrens, but I don't know if that was through their fighting or migration from Europe,


gwaydms t1_itawixk wrote

I read about Dupuytren's contracture. It's most common among older men "of Northern European extraction". Not necessarily "Viking" or any sort of Scandinavian, since the description also includes the areas of continental Europe that Germanic peoples are known to have migrated from in the Early Medieval Period (5th through 7th centuries).

Scandinavians began raiding England beginning in the 8th century, and by the 9th century had nearly conquered England. Alfred the Great established a settlement area called the Danelaw, and Scandinavians finally began to settle England in large numbers.

I hope you're getting effective treatment for your condition. It's not dangerous, but it can't be pleasant.


jbryce t1_itay20x wrote

Interesting. My Irish hand dr called it the viking disease. Lol


jbryce t1_itay4yf wrote

Also mine started when I was in my 20's.


gwaydms t1_itb2kz7 wrote

Wow. That is early. But it's not exclusively "Viking", as I said, your hand doctor notwithstanding.


jbryce t1_itaybxt wrote

Yes. First treatment was done with an injection that dissolves collagen and then they force it to break. But they stopped importing it as the medical company wasn't making enough money from it.

Second lot was surgery which had worked really well.


gwaydms t1_itb2myt wrote

Great! I'm glad you're being effectively treated for it.


Cleistheknees t1_ita9334 wrote

Not specifically related, but Stephan Schiffels (one of the lead authors) runs the Population Genetics group at Planck and has published lots of really great work in this area if anyone wants further reading.


ilostmyoldaccount t1_itbayd2 wrote

TIL Danes are genetically closer to North Germans than to Norwegians.


H0arFr0st t1_itcv554 wrote

Anyway, since they were descerrned by color in the nice graphic, the descendants from Schleswig (Haitabu at the time) should be a similar color. And yes, the Haitabu guys would have been earlier Viking invaders, not Angles nor Saxons.


ilostmyoldaccount t1_itfs5gf wrote

Yes, and shame it burned to the ground. It must have been a spectacular and cosmopolitan place, relative to the time.

I wonder where Doggerland people would have clustered had they stayed in one place. Right in the middle of that map one might suppose - between purple and blue.


Burglekat t1_itbfiqi wrote

There has been a lot of criticism of this article for various different reasons, including small sample sizes compared to the conclusions they draw. Worth a Google, if you want to get a more balanced view after reading the article.


Embarrassed_Use_403 t1_itkeg5z wrote

I wonder if this clarifies the assimilation or replacement debate. Looks like a ton of people made it to at least eastern England.