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PrettyText t1_iuccugv wrote

Yeah, good point. Power abhors a vacuum. Saying "let's have no government and magically everyone will somehow respect property rights" is simply naive.


HelmutHoffman t1_iud5pje wrote

That doesn't mean a massive bloated corrupt bureaucratic system is good either. Most people who want to do away with bloat still want there to be government. Most people who want true anarchy are still too young to even be out of school yet.


Armigine t1_iufrhey wrote

While still keeping in mind that, functionally, most people who go on about anything close to "big government" are actually arguing against safety nets and accountability


jumpupugly t1_iuffo9e wrote

Anarchistic governance would be less about "do whatever you want", and more "dismantle hierarchies that let those on top do whatever they want."

So, if there's a bunch of folks who need protection and are banding together to do so, supplies, support and training should be directed towards them, and means by which the community can participate in and regulate the self defense force established.