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Redboy45672 t1_iudeele wrote

Another reason why anarcho capitalism is a dumb ideology


tlst9999 t1_iue0w17 wrote

Not to the ones who will be the winners of anarcho capitalism.


florinandrei t1_iue6tt7 wrote

Yeah, the mafia state is bad. Except for the mafiosi.


Redboy45672 t1_iue1gac wrote

I suppose you could say that about any organization of society lol


BoopsScroopin t1_iuevdae wrote

Everything will always suck for almost everyone almost all the time relative to the experience of the ruling class, it's just a question of to what degree. A system (or lack thereof) like anarcho capitalism just sets a very, very, very, exceptionally low floor for the everyman's quality of life.


Redboy45672 t1_iuexcuo wrote

Correct. Dialectical materialism is a good theory imo