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Ferengi_Earwax t1_ivz5git wrote

This was already posted yesterday and I'll say what I did then. This lady has been claiming she's found cleopatras tomb for 20 years to any and anybody who will listen to get funding. Move on....


kobylaz t1_ivzqi34 wrote

Haha as soon as i read ‘dominican team’ i was like ‘I know who this is about’ 🤣

Wonder if she ever emptied the water out of those tunnels…i never saw the follow up


panckage t1_iw0ezmj wrote

If we are talking about the same thing the water was emptied and they followed the tunnel, but it lead under a hotel or some other building which meant they couldn't excavate further


9Lives_ t1_iw203yt wrote

>Lead to a hotel

This is funny when you consider there’s literally a McDonald’s around the corner.


812many t1_iw023mx wrote

I swear, if Geraldo Rivera shows up with a camera crew to open some door again…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…. Ya can’t get fooled again!


slippycaff t1_iw02xeq wrote

That dubya quote always cracks me up.


Climbtrees47 t1_iw08jo1 wrote

I read somewhere (and this is just conjecture) that GW realized he was about to say "shame on me" and decided that it wouldn't sound very good when taken out of context. Because it would 100% be taken out of context and used against him.


supermodelnosejob t1_iw0elol wrote

You know, I could honestly believe this. The man was by no means smart, but he was very clever


812many t1_iw07c6b wrote

Apparently a president that actually is aware of what words are coming out of his mouth is rarer than I thought. Gotta give credit for that smooth recovery.


dmingledorff t1_iw1ajlo wrote

I always got the feeling that he was intelligent, but just not really good at the politics. I kinda got the feeling he was doing what he was told. Of course I could be entirely wrong.


robocalypse t1_iw08r60 wrote

Is it Dr. Kathleen Martinez? They did an episode of Secrets of the Dead on her.


[deleted] t1_ivzioky wrote



[deleted] t1_ivzo96t wrote



riomem t1_ivzqon4 wrote

Schliemann, is that you??


GalaxyMosaic t1_ivzteig wrote

[guitar riff] Schliemann


Bazoun t1_iw0kvdz wrote

> if you know, you know.

Incidentally he came up on another podcast and I missed the jangle.


TheDragonLord-Menion t1_iw0sltp wrote

Cue large explosion 💥 and blowing up centuries of records cus digging is hard.


Bazoun t1_iw0vln1 wrote

Real archeology? That takes education, patience, tenacity - I’ll just bulldoze centuries of evidence.


Outrageous_Heat_4529 t1_iw064d4 wrote

Honestly, anytime there’s an article in the form of a question/could be.. it’s not worth the time.


JeanClaudVanRAMADAM t1_iw06ia3 wrote

Zahi Hawass liked that

(You know Zahi Hawass, right? He's like the CEO of all Egyptologists, the mob boss of Egyptian archeology. You can't even rent a car in Egypt without him sticking his nose! Apparently, it seems it's not legal to make a documentary about Egypt without him and his Indiana Jones hat)


KE55 t1_iw191ea wrote

Where is the most dangerous place in Egypt? Standing between Zahi Hawass and a camera.


FlippyWraith t1_ivz59mn wrote

Fascinating. The article mentions tunnels under the sea. Was the sea there when the tunnels were dug originally?


Barabus33 t1_ivzsrwe wrote

Depending on what you mean, yes the sea was always there. Alexandria was founded as a port city. It was hit by a large tsunami a few hundred years after the reign of Cleopatra and subsequent earthquakes have changed the shoreline, so if the tunnels are underwater today they probably weren't 2000 years ago.


Sercorer t1_iw0hzu3 wrote

This dig site isn't in Alexandria though. And if you're now thinking what do you mean she's not searching for Cleopatra in Alexandria she must be mad. You're right.


_Y0ur_Mum_ t1_iw09prq wrote

Could also lead to that pizza shop with the cabal of lizard people! or Lord Lucan! Or a reddit safe! Outta my way!


9Lives_ t1_iw20f1p wrote

From the article:

>The excavation revealed a huge religious center with three sanctuaries, a sacred lake, more than 1,500 objects, busts, statues, golden pieces, a huge collection of coins portraying Alexander the Great, Queen Cleopatra and the Ptolemies…


VictoriousStalemate t1_iw1joz1 wrote

Amazing discovery. But not a fan of articles that talk about "maybe".

And for such a fascinating discovery, the article should have way more pictures. It talks about all this cool stuff and it only has a couple tiny photos.


9Lives_ t1_iw20jlw wrote

So much about Egypt is “maybe” though.


BrunoGerace t1_iw27r2s wrote

Every time somebody turns over a stone in Egypt, they claim they're on the way to finding her.


Starsimy t1_iw05679 wrote

Find Cleopatra amf you will find Marco Antonio...imagine find him in a complete well preserved Roman Armour..


HoneyInBlackCoffee t1_iw0dxyb wrote

I don't know about this Marco Antonio but Marc Anthony was probably cremated like most Romans


Gouranga56 t1_iw0mdw8 wrote

May also lead to cleopatras bathroom. How about they do real science first and figure out where it goes before running to the press.


KE55 t1_iw18n81 wrote

To be fair, I don't think Kathleen Martinez has said anything about the tunnel leading to Cleopatras tomb (in one report she said it was used to carry water to the city). All the "some believe it may lead to Cleopatra" headlines seem to be media hype.


JustLinkStudios t1_iw23ky4 wrote

Don’t we have any form of sonar or other sound based scanners that can reach depth under ground? Don’t we map the sea floor using that technology, why can’t we do this for places like Egypt where we know there’ll be hundreds of hidden tombs and chambers?


AZRockets t1_iw0espj wrote

Can we have a global agreement to go back to calling the goddess Aset by her original name? It's also better than Isis for obvious reasons besides the fact that was what Greeks renamed her


KentuckyFriedEel t1_iw2aoc0 wrote

Is this another al capone’s vaults situation where the speculation is used to generate hype before any concrete evidence is presented? Do we have Getaldo’s number?