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kacmandoth t1_iw5cayv wrote

I am much more inclined to believe this is just some weird erosion shaped like a foot.


seansy5000 t1_iw65h3s wrote

You seem qualified to make that statement.



whiteFinn t1_iw7g995 wrote

No evidence or explanations, just a bunch of angry people downvoting. Scientism is getting out of hand.


TheFleebus t1_iw87jrx wrote

Scientism isn't a thing. It's a term / idea invented by YEC as a rebuttal to the statement that "faith is not a path to truth". A sort of "I know you are but what am I?". Materialism or Naturalism may be more accurate way of describing people who believe naturalistic evidence as described via scientific methods - even if they personally do not fully understand the methods used.


whiteFinn t1_iwdyvyw wrote

Scientism is one of those terms, often twisted to mean something more easily attacked. While I certainly do not believe that science is the only way to truth, what I meant here when I said "scientism", is that just because omeone is a 'scientist', and brands their work as 'science', it does not mean that their oppinions are any more valid, and certainly not to be taken as automatic facts, if they cannot argue for them.

Sceintism is very much a thing.