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ryschwith t1_iw67073 wrote

I'm not sure there's an official delineation but I think anything in the genus Homo tends to be described as "human."


jumpsteadeh t1_iw7nvyc wrote

The title is paraphrased; the researcher's exact words were "some dude from 300,000 years ago"


Emergency-Nebula5005 t1_iw88l21 wrote

Somehow, this makes it even more fantastical. A dude just out for a walk. 300,000 years ago. Maybe he took his dog with him.


wbruce098 t1_iw87k8y wrote

The Dude abides. My Neanderthal guy was just looking for some milk for his Caucasians.


RandomStallings t1_iw7ywe7 wrote

Homo is Latin for human, so yes, that's correct.

Edit: apparently there are debates about this, too.

Not to be confused with homo in Greek, which means same.