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orincoro t1_iw69mnd wrote

Hominin = human. “Homo” Neanderthalensis, habillus, denisovans, etc are all human.

Edit: hominin, not hominid.


Ripcord t1_iw6fapl wrote

Hominids include humans. Not all hominids are humans.

Chimps are hominids, for example.


Chubbybellylover888 t1_iw6ufcq wrote

Yeah the correct term for human species is hominin. This includes the likes of neanderthals, denisovans etc but excludes other great apes.

Hominid is used to describe all the great apes.


gbRodriguez t1_iw72080 wrote

Hominins are human. Hominids includes all Hominidae including chimps.


LingQuery t1_iw7zegt wrote


Hominoidea (hominoid: those resembling man): All old-world apes

Hominidea (hominid: those akin to man): Great apes

Hominini (hominin: man-like): humans and chimps

Homo (man): humans and our closest cousins

The proposed subtribe homininan (very man-like) would exclude chimpanzees but include australopithecines.

The less-common hominineae (hominine: those very akin to man(?)) would sit just below the hominids and include gorillas, chimps, and folks while excluding orangutans.