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MarsupialKing t1_iw70uu6 wrote

Gotcha. I'm somewhat involved in the biology field so it seems a bit like the debate of what exactly constitutes a species amongst animals. Grizzly bears and polar bears create fertile offspring but are clearly different animals, being the easiest example. Thanks for the info. Early humans is one of the most interesting fields of study to me, I just can't handle all the mystery and questions we will never have answers to!


xstoopkidx t1_iw7f1yt wrote

Didn’t think growler bears were fertile?


Rangifar t1_iw8di40 wrote

I am pretty sure I heard the biologists here in the NWT talking about how they had genetic evidence that there were multiple generations of growlars.


MarsupialKing t1_iw8rr39 wrote

My understanding is that they are. Quick Google search says so but I haven't Dove into any scientific journals on the topic