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C4l4do t1_iw74414 wrote

Watch ancient apocalypse on Netflix. Graham has some very interesting ideas.


panacrane37 t1_iw7jkoi wrote

Interesting sure, but Graham Hancock is widely considered a pseudo-science hack. Grain of salt with him.


ChaseSweatshirt t1_iw7rcul wrote

But he’s described as that unfairly. You should take those comments with a grain of salt as well


TheodoreOso t1_iw83fhb wrote

He thinks all non-european accomplishments came from the heavens and takes oral folklore as definitive proof of how history went down. He's a pseudo-science hack.


dutchwonder t1_iwj4nrm wrote

Oh no, he has very much earned his reputation as pseudohistorical hack with his terrible research methodology, heavy reliance on old, outdated, and often plain bad secondary sources without doing even basic checks. (For instance, are they even reading the maps they're working with?), and his blatant mischaracterization of the field and studies.

Of course, Graham's explanation for why anyone knowledgeable in the field immediately calls him out for his flagrant and basic mistakes is that they must be in cahoots instead of his "research" being terrible.