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_Patrao_ t1_iwbduv1 wrote

Unfortunaly it is a cross cultural, ignores geographical boundaries and goes back in time as long as we are able to record it. The same goes for the symbolism of the branding. However I got to say that reading the article, it is an assumption by the scholars that this is the case. As far as I can reach, they reckon the branding irons were too small for cattle, thus used on humans. It is a bit of a stretch though I can understand the conclusion, but I believe we are still missing a couple of steps to assert that is the case definitely.


2dTom t1_iwbjy5o wrote

There are a lot of domesticated animals smaller than cattle that the brands could have been used on.

Off the top of my head, Egyptian society used sheep, goats, and donkeys.

As you stated, the evidence is tenuous at best.

Edit: I re-read the article and the author discusses the idea of branding goats or donkeys, but doesn't actually address it, merely stating 'other options must be explored'. Which is fine, but the rest of the article only examines why they could be used for branding people, not why it is more likely than the usage of these brands for smaller livestock.


maluminse t1_iwcanr6 wrote

Article is speculative imo. Its wholly based on the size of the brand. Because its possible doesnt make it likely. Sensational conclusion based on such evidence.


_Patrao_ t1_iwbnihr wrote

Exactly. It is an option which I can entertain as a possibility no doubt, but I don't think it is reasonable to take it as a certainty as it was not demonstrated, just hypothesised. Once again it's not that I doubt it, I find it possible or maybe probable given that it is, and unfortunately, a human universal, but the evidence is just not there. At least yet.


eeeking t1_iwcton5 wrote

Branding is also sometimes used decoratively....