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severed13 t1_iwbjspn wrote

Most of history is, since I would imagine you can’t ask any ancient egyptian slave owners directly


Jester252 t1_iwbmo5y wrote

That's what I love about history.

I want to see what humans in 1000 years think of Shaq statue.


BouncingBallOnKnee t1_iwbqvvs wrote

Being a basketball player, and basketball being a game of tossing balls into hoops, I'd say it was safe to say Shaq was probably one of the greatest shooters of his time.


Rebel_Skies t1_iwc2v4n wrote

It's obvious that no man of that time period could actually match the proportions of "The Ballplayer". The statue is overlarge to show how much of an important figure the man was in time of the bloodsports.