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metropitan t1_iwbre4k wrote

it is weird to think that slavery being considered wrong (within larger social consciousness) only really came about in the last 300 years or so, and even then for a while the empires that profited the most off the trade, Britan, France had to spend the next 100 years or so still fighting against it, and even now an illegal slave trade exists, including places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who have workers so impoverished and underpaid they may as well be slaves


Jahobes t1_iwbx6rg wrote

Slavery has been wrong off and on through out history.

It often doesn't start as explicit slavery but then after generations we rip the band-aid off and just go full slave-slave master.

Then we have a reformation movement and the whole thing starts over again.


balapete t1_iwcv5nm wrote

Just curious, any examples of a slow moral decline back into slavery?? I had assumed it was fairly abrupt with the idea that one civilization is overthrown by another who might bring slavery with it but not so much a gradual loss of human rights over generations within the same civilization.


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