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Initial_E t1_iwpc7z2 wrote

> "There's a time, Leto, a time when you're alive. A time when you're supposed to be alive. It can have a magic, that time, while you're living it. You know you're never going to see a time like that again." Leto blinked, touched by the Duncan's distress. The words were evocative. Idaho raised both hands, palms up, to chest-height, a beggar Asking for something he knew he could not receive.

>"Then . . . one day you wake up and you remember dying . . . and you remember the axlotl tank . . . and the Tleilaxu nastiness which awakened you . . . and it's supposed to start all over again. But it doesn't. It never does, Leto.”


Comprehensive-Ad-172 t1_iwpn30v wrote

I know the guy that directed the new Dune only had plans to get to the second book but my good imagine if this book ever got adapted