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paulthesane-wpg t1_ix6b5cy wrote

I tried an episode of that show, it was soooo bad.

Worse, i could see how many people would see it as good by not seeing through Hancock’s weasel arguments- encouraging viewers to assume that the structures we actually see are far older than they really are and making up anything he wants in the spaces where there is no evidence.

Hancock is a dishonest, sleazy, turd.


Vreas t1_ix6h2ji wrote

It looked interesting at first glance. Then when the opening scenes was essentially a montage of clickbait media saying “the entire academic and research community condemns me but I’m here to tell the truth” I lost interest.


scarabbrian t1_ix6qmau wrote

As soon as he had Joe Rogan pop up to lend him credibility we turned it off. I’d never heard of this guy before, but the Rogan clip was an immediate no.


igorpk t1_ix74jyx wrote

First strike was 'I'm not an archaologist or a scientist, I'm a journalist'

Second and third strike was Rogan.


anjovis150 t1_ix719kh wrote

Which part would you say was he the most wrong about?


GolgiApparatus1 t1_ix78jyh wrote

I got about 5 minutes in before going 'yeah this dude is a nutjob'


dekacube t1_ix78x3g wrote

Yeah, I started to watch this and stopped after 15 or so minutes, he never even mentions the possibility that the ruins were built by the later group to inhabit the site, it's the worst logic I've ever seen.